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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Movies, History and My Tooth

I had two things I could have done this morning. I had originally planned to go see a movie with LA People Connection.
I ended up canceling those plans when I found out that Creative Actors Alliance
was having a casting director speak at their monthly luncheon.
But I am without a tooth right in the front due to yesterday's mis-hap at lunch.
Besides I needed to do grocery shopping. And Cinnamon the cat needed a bath -which is always a big production.
So me and my missing tooth did not meet another casting director today. I really didn't want to meet a casting director with a big gap in my mouth anyway ......

I did however decide to brave it, and still do the volunteer gig I had committed to over at The Egyptian Theatre . Whenever I ran into someone that I knew, I felt the need to explain my tooth problem "You wouldn't believe, there was a really hard taco at lunch yesterday..."

I was so glad I went because todays volunteer shift was really really fun. The movie they are showing up till Tuesday is "Los Angeles Plays Itself". And the Los Angeles Times had a fantastic review in the Thursday Calendar section. It was a page and a half long.
So I knew there would be plenty of people coming to see the movie.
And that was putting it mildly.
There were hundreds of people who came who have never been to The Egyptian before. It is wonderful to see new people discovering a wonderful non-profit organization.
I was doing the marketing survey, and passing out the monthly calendar, and most people had read the LA Times article and it was their first time at the theatre.
So it was really fun, getting to meet all these new people and tell them about the theatre.

On top of that, for volunteering - I got to see "Los Angeles Plays Itself" for free, along with a free popcorn and free soda.
If you ever get a chance to see this movie... I highly recommend it. Its a long movie, 2 hours, intermission, then another hour. But it is really worth the time.
Its movie clips that go back from the beginning of film, all the way to almost current times. All showing Los Angeles in the movies.
It also ties much of what is happening in film at the time, with what is going on in the city of Los Angeles, both culturally and politically.
There is alot of interesting insights and historical background.

For me being an Los Angeles actress, this film was like a history lesson. Filled with tidbits and trivia and serious historical perspective.
Very informative ... and very entertaining.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Teeth and Tacos

What a bad day.
So I am eating my lunch at my desk at work. Chicken Tacos.
I bite down .... and my tooth breaks off.
Not a real tooth ... a fake tooth. On my bridge. So I am not in any pain. But still a tooth nonetheless.
And the worst part about it - its right in the front. Right next to my big front tooth. Where everyone can see.

I leave two messages for my Dentist. I just get the message machine. They have already left for the day.
I check the website of our dental insurance, and call the first 5 dentists. One is open on Saturday, but they can't do it on Saturday because they have to verify my insurance coverage first, and that will take a few days.
Okay, nevermind, I will wait to talk to my regular dentist.

On the drive home I debate. Crazy-glue ? Or missing tooth ?
I've had this happen before, a long time ago - and the Dentist was really upset that I used Crazy glue.
And I don't want to risk having the tooth break off again while I am eating. If I swallow the dern thing, I might have to pay close to $500 for them to remake the tooth.

So when I get home, I put the tooth in a bright yellow envelope and tuck it away.
I will just have to be out this weekend minus one tooth.

Since I have the actual tooth, I am hoping it doesn't cost me more than $100. But it is still awful because I have to get the breaks on my car fixed this week. The sqeaking and grinding noises the car breaks are making are terrible.
I am watching today's paycheck disappear - swallowed up by a Dentist Bill and a Car Repair Bill. (If you want to help me out, please click the PayPal "donate" button or please buy a book from Amazon. It will help.)

Needless to say, I was so depressed about the whole thing, I just stayed home tonight. Just me, the cat and a couple glasses of wine.
I have to get up the courage to not cancel any of my plans this weekend and still go out in public.
Oh, dear, out in public without a tooth...sigh ... sniffle... sniffle .... :(

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cats Are Funny

Well, after being out late last night and Cinnamon the cat telling me off in kitty language - I had to deal with more attitude this morning.
Mainly because I slept in 15 minutes later, which did not allow for much time with the cat.

I was in the bathroom putting on my make-up when I hear "Meow ! Meow ! Meooooow!" coming from the living room. Her tone of voice had so much drama in it you would think she was a soap opera actress.
I came out to find her just sitting there. She looked up at me as if to say "Pet me", then fell over expecting attention.
I'm like "Cat, I don't have time for this, I have to go to work."

So I sit down on the couch to put my shoes and socks on. Cinnamon flings herself on top of feet - purring as loudly as she can.
"No, Cinnamon, let me put my shoes on".

I did pat her head before I went off to work. Of course, I felt terribly guilty.

So this evening belonged to the cat. She sat on my lap for nearly 2 hours while I brushed her fur, and scratched behind her ears.
I completely made up for the lack of attention she got last night and this morning.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Commercial Acting Class #1

It must be the season for Casting Directors ... because tonight I started a 3 week Commercial Acting Class with another Top-Notch Casting Director, Chris Game of Chris and Jed Casting .

About a week ago, I was wandering around the internet on my lunch break at the office, lunch in front of me - just trying to see what was "out there". I usually always click around and submit to casting notices on LA Casting. But even tho I have a free listing on both Now Casting and Actors Access,I very rarely click thru their pages. But for some reason, a few days ago, I did ..... And I happened upon an ad for a 3 week commercial acting class at the Elizabeth Mestnick Studios .

I have wanted to take an acting class with a casting director for a while now. Especially a Commercial Class. But the time and the money and whatever else have never seemed to fall into place. I quickly pulled out my checkbook and balanced out my pennies - and it seemed to all work out somehow. I either called her, or sent an email - I don't remember .... but I enrolled in the class.

Starting a new class always makes me nervous. But the Elizabeth Mestnick Studios are right across the street from The Blank Theatre where I volunteer sometimes. So at least I knew the area, and knew where to park.

After checking in I had plenty of time to wait until the class the got started. And it filled up quickly. There were hardly any seats left.
The fun thing about the class was that Chris Game made a point to remember each students name. And there were alot of students. I always amazes me when some one has a really good memory. Even memorizing my lines when I am acting in something, doesn't really come easy and I have to work at it. But I have heard that your Memory is like a muscle, and to make it stronger you have to use it. And this is becoming more important the older I get.

After introducing himself to us, Chris handed us all a commercial copy. He picked one for each of us according to our character type. Then each student got up to perform in front of the class, and in front of the camera. Each student was given direction on the scene. And after doing it once, was given corrections and did then did the scene over. We all got to watch other students and learn from them.

Another thing I noticed about myself... My turn to go up wasn't after the classroom break. If I am preparing to go up in front, with a memorized line - and it was only one line and some action - it is really difficult for me to concentrate on what else is going on in class. I keep going over my lines in my head. I kept thinking of what action I was going to do once I was up there.
The teacher is talking, instructing each student when it is their turn, and I am trying to pay attention to what he is saying. But I keep repeating my lines to myself, looking at my script, and going over how I will act once its my turn. "concentrate on the class... concentrate on the class", I kept saying to myself. Finally I forced myself to put the script down and listen to what was going on.

My commercial to read was a Tuna commercial. And I was happy to see it had comical elements. I feel I am much better at comedy than drama.
I was very happy that the class laughed after my first run through. The major instruction I got for my second run-through was to picture the other character in the scene more, to do more when eating the tune, and to say the last line somewhat differently. Which I did the second time around.

Then we did group auditions. Mine was with two other people watching a guy pass by saying "Hey, I lowered my cholesterol." My first run through it was difficult to concentrate. I think I was just getting tired after the long day. But I managed to perk up more for the second and third run throughs.

At the end of the class, we watched our commercial scenes on the TV. I have seen myself on film many times, even in the large theatre format - But it is always weird to see yourself on film. My first reaction is "Wow, do I really look like that?"
I was pleased that the Tuna commercial came across as so funny. And Chris noted that I had good reactions when listening to the other character say their lines.

All in all, it was a long class, and a long day for me. I was very tired and hungry by the time I got home.
Cinnamon, the Cat, was very unhappy that I had been out so late on a work night, and proceeded to tell me off for missing her dinner time.
Such is life with a Cat. Or from the Cats point of view... such is life with an Actress.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Casting Directors & Spritzers

This evening, LA Casting hosted a Mixer with Commercial Casting Director , Ross Lacy . He is one of the most important Commercial Casting Directors in Los Angeles.
It was held at The Sunset Trocadero on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

Right after work, I headed straight west on Sunset, stopping off at the Ralphs in Hollywood to buy some gum and get cash back.

The lot across the street from the Sunset Trocadero had a sign out that said "$5 Parking". Well, thats how they get you.
I drive up, and the guy says "Its $10, but if you get validated, then we give you $5 back". Ok, fine - they are right across the street from the place.
I tell the guy "When you drive the car, be very careful. My breaks are bad. I need to get them done next week. So go slow".
Yeah, right.

I go into the Sunset Trocadero and an LA Casting Staff person stamps my hand. They tell me that the Casting Director is running late.
For the first hour, the drinks are complimentary. Anything you want. I get in the really long line of people getting their free drinks.
I start chatting with a guy. He seems nervous. He is saying "Oh, I will tell them I am with you if they ask".
I'm saying "But your hand is stamped, you'll get a free drink". He still seems nervous.
Light-weight that I am, I get a White Wine Spritzer. And whatever wine the bartender used, he chose well. It was a sweet wine, and the it had to be one of
the best spritzers I've had.
The guy I was chatting with asked for a Heineken , but even as we were approaching the bar, he was saying "Oh, maybe they won't let me have an imported beer." I don't know why he is so worried. They gave him his imported Heineken - no problem.

I start to move around, finding people to chat with. And I am not a smoozer. Thats one of my problems as an Actress. A big part of the entertainment business is who you know, and who knows you. I really need to learn to smooze and circulate. But I don't like it. I don't do it well. I'd rather sit in a corner and sip my drink. But somehow I manage to chat with about 3 people. Its a Mixer, so I mixed.

I finally decide to go see if the Casting Director has arrived. They tell me that Ross Lacy is right behind me.

I go up to him, and a 20-something young lady is chatting away. Its kind of hard to hear what she is saying over all the chatter of other people.
I try to be polite and wait until she is finished. During their conversation Ross Lacy looks over at me once, and smiles, to let me know that he knows I am waiting. Very polite.
While I am waiting, a LA Casting Staff person walks another woman over, to introduce her to the him. But somehow, it all gets arranged so that this other woman doesn't jump ahead of me. And she and I end up talking to Mr. Lacy together.

After introducing myself, I start to tell him how I was acting in my 20s, and took about a 10 year break. And now that I am in my 40s, I am trying to get back into it.
He mentions that can be a good thing, because more and more Commercials use 'Real" people.
I tell him I feel good about starting back up again so late because I did find an Agent. And he asks "Who's Your Agent?" I tell him "Mademoiselle Talent".
And he says that he just booked one of their Actors in a commercial just today, and he gives me the name and description of the actor.
Wow - this conversation is getting off to a really good start !

I ask him about his agency. They Cast over 500 commercials per year. But unfortunately, he doesn't teach classes any more due to lack of time.
But I become aware that there is a line of people behind me waiting to talk to him. So I make a polite exit.
As good as it is to Chat - it also makes a good impression to know when to stop talking.

I try to find the guy I was chatting with earlier. I don't see him anywhere near the casting director. I do find him way over on the other side of the room.
And he is with a person I know via volunteering at the Egyptian Theatre. The three of us stand around and chat for a bit. But I point him in the direction of
the casting director. And I realize that I really did Point. With my finger and arm... And maybe the White Wine Spritzer is going to my head.

Plus we are all packed in, and can barely move. For an place with large opened-air windows, there is very little Air. I chat alittle longer with my acquaintance, but I decide it is time to leave.

I ask on my way out "Can I get validated". The LA Casting staff person tells me "Only if you buy something, like a drink or some food".
Well, the drink or food will cost me more than the 5 bucks I will save on the
parking. Okay, never mind.
Memo to self: Don't park in the lot across the street. Next time, find street parking.

Once I get outside, the Air hits me, and even though its warm out, its alittle invigorating. The effects of the White-Wine Spritzer disappears.

The music company that I work for, has a location in West Hollywood. I have a Comp card where I have a certain amount that I can get on Food and Clothes. Its a few blocks down, but I decide a walk would be good.
There is a Punk-Rock band playing on stage. I get a chicken dinner and a rib dinner to go. Then I stop in their store for two t-shirts. I love my Comp card. All I had to pay was for the Tip for the Take-out person.

I walk back the parking lot. I hand the guy my ticket. And I say again "Please be careful. Go slow. I have bad breaks. They're getting fixed next week".
They laugh as they go to get my car. I walk half-way down the lot to meet them half-way because I really don't want them to drive my car in the condition that it is in.

West Hollywood has alot of steep hills. My car has bad breaks. I need to go East. But I can only make a right out of the lot, going West.
So I go West, and I need to turn left and go around the block to turn around in the direction I want to go. But all the streets are steep hills.
So I drive all the way to the Beverly Hills section of Sunset Blvd - until I get to flat land.
Thats when I can make a left into a residential area and turn around to go east. But it was a nice drive.

When I got home, I felt really happy. I felt my evening really accomplished something. I met a top-notch Casting Director, introduced myself and now he even knows who my Agent is. In a few days, I will mail him my picture and resume with a nice note.

Only one thing - I forgot to get a receipt from the parking attendant for my $10 parking for when I do my taxes. Ok, well, I will just consider it $10 well spent.

And once I get home... I leave a message for my Agent and tell them I got a chance to talk to Ross Lacy at the LA Casting Mixer, and what I good experience the entire evening was.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Added to BlogRoll

Just a few new Blogs that I added to my BlogRoll this morning.. whoops, its afternoon already ...

LA Observed
5th and Spring
1947 Project
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Celebrity Scum

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Real Reality TV in Church

I overslept for Church this morning . It starts at 10:45, I got there at 11:15. (I was up surfing Blogs until 3 in the morning - bad girl, she slaps her hand.)
I got there right in the middle of the sermon. And darn it, the one assistant pastor that I really like was speaking. Oh, fudge .....
And the music was particularly rock and roll this morning. Oh, double fudge ....
No more late night Saturday blogging for me.

As the service was ending, the person in charge made a few last minute announcements. Then, "Oh, as you are leaving there are a few camera people
filming. Don't worry, it really nothing. They are just doing a "this is your life" special about me - ha, ha, ha. Actually, its Hug-A-Camera-Man Day, so give a camera man a hug on your way out. ha, ha, ha".

I turn to my right, and there is a camera man right behind me filming towards the stage. I'm thinking, this is really weird. Whats going on ?

The lady's room closest to me was completely full. So I head in the other direction towards the other bathrooms. As I do, I cross paths with Danny Bonaduce , who is walking into church and putting out a cigarette at the same time.

Oh, right away, I know this might be interesting.

So I hurry up, head back downstairs and look around. No Danny Bonaduce anywhere.
As I leave, there he is on the left side of the parking lot. With about 5 camera men and/or other technical people with him.
They are gathered in a circle, and he's talking up a storm. I can't tell if they are filming or not. In trying to look and act natural, I forget where I parked my car. I finally locate it.

I sit in the car for a few minutes. Trying to see whats going on. I see Danny's wife with his kid, heading over to the camera people.
I am wondering if they got permission to film. I mean, don't you usually have to sign a waiver for filming ?
At this point, I think - you know, I have things to get done this afternoon. My laundry and my grocery shopping are more important. So I drive off.

But I know whats going on. I sometimes catch the Jamie and Danny show on Star 98.7 . Its actually the station that the alarm clock is set to.
I do know that Danny Bonaduce is currently filming a Reality Show about his daily life. For what TV network, I do not know.
I put two and two together and I get : filming Church Service for The Reality Show.
Oh, dear Lord .....

This is about the third time I have seen Danny Bonaduce in church. We do have a few celebrities that go there. My general thought is that church is a private place, and attending church should be treated with respect - so I generally don't blog about whos there and whats happening, other than maybe the sermon or general innocuous "church" stuff. A celebrity has the right to go to church for their spiritual growth and not be bothered, just as much as the average joe does.

But here is Danny Bonaduce, filming his Reality Show during the Church Service. Okay, I guess that means he doesn't care if people know that he attends the services there. And the more publicity the better. So there, I blogged it ....


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