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Saturday, June 23, 2007

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yellow garden greeting card
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Saturday in Hollywood

Headed over to the Mann 6 Theatres in the Hollywood and Highland , to see "Knocked Up".

What is the deal with the tourists, who can't obey the traffic laws ?
And why aren't there more traffic cops making the tourists obey the laws?
I don't really ever cuss out strangers, but I did today.
I am going north on Orange, with the green light to turn left on to Hollywood Blvd.
In the middle of my green light - three German men start to cross Orange right in front of my car.
I slam on the breaks, and yell "I have the green light you Morons!" followed by a long string of cuss words out of my mouth.
I had really truly almost hit them.
They yell back at me in German - and I can tell they are drunk.
Its not even Two o'clock in the afternoon yet.
After I drive away, they continue crossing against their Red Light.

Next I head down the steep ramp on Orange into the Hollywood and Highland Complex.
Its really sunny and bright out - and as you go down the ramp, the parking structure is a dark shadow.
For a few seconds you are blinded because you are in bright light - looking down into a dark shadow.
My car makes it into the dark shadow - and then I see Tourist walking Up the steep ramp !
Right straight into my car !
They are walking up the side that the cars go down.
Again, I slam on my breaks, and more cussing out of my mouth.
They just look at me.

As I get my ticket from the machine - I yell over to the guys in the booths cashing people out of the parking structure "You have people walking UP THE RAMP!"
They just ignore me, like I am some crazy woman.
I drive through the structure and I see an parking employee:
"You know there are people walking up the ramp. They are going to get hit. You should have someone placed at the ramp, to make sure people don't go up it."
He shrugs at me "I'm down here - I don't see whats going on up there."
I reply "Well, can you at least tell your Supervisor that someone complained about people walking up the ramp?"
"Oh, yeah, uh-huh, I can do that", he said.

Never mind, its Summer - there are tourists all over the place.
And Hollywood doesn't seem to be doing anything to control the pedestrian traffic.
I am surprised more people don't get hit by cars.

After I get my movie ticket, I run to the concession stand.
And there is not a single employee anywhere.
Not an employee in sight.

Two other people are also standing at the concession standing looking lost and forlorn.

I finally yell across the lobby
"Is there a Concession Stand person?"
The manager finds someone - and now I am super-late for the movie.
So late for the movie, I sit in the very last seat in the very last row by the door.

I liked "Knocked Up" , it was funny.
And Katherine Heigl is great in it.
The story-line was uplifting. And even though alot of the humor is very raunchy, it had a very real pro-life lesson, about making the right decisions - and emotionally growing through making these strong decisions. And.. plus, lots of raunchy humor.

After the movie, I grab a chicken wrap sandwich from the corner restaurant,
and I head over to the Egyptian Theatre .
I am volunteering tonight, for Crispin Glover's movie "What Is It?".
I am Captain, which means I have to hang-out in the lobby all night and watch the front door.

The theatre was very full, as it was the night before. And the movie "What Is It?", is experimental and draws a very Artsy Hip crowd.
So hanging out in the lobby is fun, because I get to people watch.

After the movie, Crispin Glover had a table set-up. He is selling his books, and doing autographs.
Many of his fans came with a digital camera - and I ended up helping out by taking photographs during the evening.

It was getting way passed midnight, and I just can't stay up that late - not even on a weekend.
One of the other volunteers took over for me, as I headed home.

Here's a link to the official Crispin Glover Website.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

From One End Of Town To Another

My agent called me yesterday. I have an audition at 4:30pm this afternoon out in West Los Angeles.
That meant I had to fight traffic after leaving my job in Hollywood early, and then somehow try to make it back in time to volunteer at The Egyptian tonight.

I don't like driving the freeway. So I take Olympic straight down. The Casting Offices are on Purdue, near Pico.
Since I used to work in the area for 12 years, I kind of know my way around. But the last time I auditioned at this place, the parking was horrible.
Low and Behold - my Parking Angel was looking out for me - and some one pulled out, just as I arrived.
I got a parking spot right across the street from the Casting offices.

All I knew was that was for a commercial that would show in Turkey. We would never see it in the United States.
I looked up the name of the product on the internet, but it was a popular word in Turkish.
So I really wasn't sure what product I would be auditioning for.
Its either an alcoholic drink, or the latest Pop star's new album.

I even ask a 20-something young man who was looking at the story-board with me, if he knew what the product was.
He just smiled and walked away.
I guess he didn't want to chat.

We look at the story-board, read a description, and get a Polaroid taken.
They call us in groups of six.
Turns out my role is that of a Coffee Shop Waitress.

We were told "This is not a McDonalds commercial. Do not be bright and cheery. This is very melodramatic.
A dark setting. This of it as a David Lynch movie."

My role was to be a sad, distant Coffee Shop Waitress.
And when the product appears, I look happy and hopeful.

After the Casting Associate was done filming my group of six - someone asked him, when were "They" going to be looking at our tapes and making their decision ?
The Casting Associate answered "Oh, they will see it in about 5 minutes. They are working in Brazil right now, and I transmit the auditions over the internet to them. So someone in Brazil will be seeing your audition in a few minutes."

Well, I can actually say I have transmitted over the internet, and watched in Brazil.
Its kind of a weird feeling actually.

As I was leaving West LA, I stopped at Big Tomy's on Pico Blvd and Sawtelle for some fried zucchini.
Which I ate in the car on the drive back to Hollywood.

Everything was fine, untill I tried to go North on Highland.
Traffic was unbelievably backed up. All the way to Santa Monica Blvd.
I turn up Franklin - and I try to take Orange up to Hollywood and Highland.
But one the small residential street by the Roosevelt, Orange is backed up and not moving.
So I turn left on a Sunset and come up La Brea. Then to Franklin.
As I approach Hollywood & Highland, I see all sorts of "NO Right Turn" signs.
I take another side street, and make a left on Hollywood.
Finally, I make it to Orange, and to the Validated Parking at Hollywood and Highland.

I later learn, that Ratatouille was premiering at The El Capitan , and most of the street was of blocked off.
AND there was a big opening night concert with Jack Black, and Kristin Chenoweth and Plácido Domingo, at The Hollywood Bowl .

So that all explains the traffic nightmare.

I make it to the Egyptian by 7:15 - but I had already told them I expected to be late for my volunteer shift.

Crispin Glover's show started at 8pm.
I was volunteering as Ticket Taker. But I went in after the show started, and saw Crispin Glover's live performance of "The Big Show".
I stayed for about 10 minutes of "What Is It?" - but I was to tired from driving to West LA and back in traffic.
I will be able to see it some other time over the weekend.

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Zazzle June 22 2007

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Melodramatic shirt
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Parking Angel Please Find Me A Parking Space Amen
Parking Angel Please Find Me A Parking Space Amen
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The Many Faces of O&T MOUSE PAD
The Many Faces of O&T MOUSE PAD by OnyxandTopaz

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21 2007 Zazzle Creations
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I Love Waiting In Line shirt

I Love Waiting In Line by DonnaGrayson
For those days when you love waiting in line - words on the front and the back

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I belong to the email lists for all the Los Angeles museums.
Actually, I have an entirely separate email, just for signing up for mailing lists.
And thats mainly what my MySpace account is for. Not really to meet people.
Every nightclub, theatre and museum seems to have a My Space page now. And I can get notices of their events right to my myspace account. Or via their mailing lists to my other email account.

Once a year, LACMA has a "Late Night at LACMA" - it goes until 3 am.
And its free.
So I wasn't planning on staying till 3 am - but I figured I would just stop by.

So I drive over to the Museum on Wilshire.
The line going east was for people who did make reservations. And it went passed the Tar Pits .
Then the line going west - well, I don't know what that was - but it went way beyond what I could see.

No, I don't want to wait in line - oh, at least an hour. Maybe more.
So I just drove passed and headed home.

Here is the LACMA My Space Page

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Zazzle on June 20 2007

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Reach Out To The Universe shirt
Reach Out To The Universe Tshirtby DonnaGrayson

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The Little Fairy Conjurer print
The Little Fairy Conjurer byrobcamp
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Blood and Lunch

I take a long lunch break for a trip to a Lab-or-a-tory....
Dr. My-Guy, has given me paperwork to get lots of blood drawn.
(Cue house organ playing vampire music.)
Its not so scary though, because the lab is across the street from the Beverly Center
in beautiful Beverly Hills.

I stop and park in the Beverly Connection .
Then I walk the three city blocks to the lab.
There is only one little elderly woman in there, with her personal nurse.
Soon the Lab Tech is processing my paperwork, and leading me to that special blood-drawing chair.

She doesn't mess around.... After trying to find a vein in my arm, I tell her "Its useless, just take the blood from the top of my hand."
She does - and it is very painful. Even with the baby butterfly needle.
Even more painful when she pulls the needle out and I yelp.
She says "See I didn't want to take it from your hand, because I know that hurts."
I reply "Yes, it hurts - but its the only way you can get the blood."
I look down and there are Four vials of my blood on the table.

I am all done, and I remember that I parked three city blocks away. Not a good idea since I just lost all that blood.
I walk very slowly and take my time, as I head back to the Beverly Connection.

Soon I am at the Souplantation , having a wonderful lunch.
And replenishing my blood supply and glucose level with a big healthy salad - and a tuna pasta salad.

I sat and read Carl Sagan's book The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God .
A very interesting viewpoint on God and the Creation of the Universe. I thought a book like this would be difficult to understand because its scientific. But I found it a very easy book to follow.

My mid-day trip to get my blood drawn, actually turns out to be pretty relaxing as I have lunch.
If you check out the Beverly Connection website, you will get some information on the remodeling they are doing to the mall.
What I saw in the Parking area as you drive up, looked really nice. It looks like it will end up being very up to date.

Once lunch was over, I head back to work ...

UPDATE: Blood Tests all normal. Cancer Tumor Marker Test 29.27 .. all normal !

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Zazzle Art June 19 2007

Palm Trees & Sky - poster or print

Palm Trees & Sky - poster or print.
Zazzle Posters are available with framing and matting options
by DonnaGrayson

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Dancing at Zazzle print

Dancing at Zazzle by Holder
Zazzle Posters are available with framing and matting options

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The Nice Oncologist

Not my favorite place to go - but I told my Doctor that I would see his buddy, an Oncologist.
They don't think there is anything wrong with me.
But my general family doctor said that he felt it would be a good idea to get check-ups from an oncologist as well.
And so he asked me "Why don't you just go and talk to My Guy, he has over 30 years experience, and I think you will like him."
It was the friendly approach.

I made an appointment with "His Guy" about a month ago, and somehow the appointment got all screwed up and I ended up with the wrong oncologist ,a man I had interview back in 2005 and did not like or trust.

Click on the link above, because I am sick of talking about Dr. Psycho.

Anyway, it took me another month to find the time - and the bravery - to try to make another appointment with Dr. My-Guy.
This was preceded by a phone call from the nurse trying to figure out Why, if I was a patient of Dr. Psycho's - was I making an appointment with Dr. My-Guy ?
I had to explain the long long painful story to her so it didn't get screwed up again.

Dr. My-Guy was in Downtown Los Angeles, and I had an afternoon appointment.
I arrive in the waiting room, and I waited.
There were a few patients there, some who were obviously having chemotherapy.
But the place seemed rather homey - and I thought "Gee I'm getting a good vibe from this place".

Soon, I was in the Examination room in one of those little paper outfits that barely covered everything.
And I was sliding of the examination table.

Dr. My-Guy walked in, and he was very nice. Very well-educated. And most of all, open-minded and understanding.
30 years of experience had taught him alot.

He asked me more questions about my health than most doctors ever do. And he seemed interested in everything that affected me - not only the breast cancer, but my hypoglycemia, and recent bladder infection - even my heartburn.
He wrote everything down.

Then we discussed the Chemotherapy.
I made it clear that I had already talked to two doctors about it. And I pretty much understood what it did, and that I really don't want it.
He said "Well, it really is, 100% your decision", with a kind smile.
(I guess he had read the complaint letter I sent to the Medical Group about Dr. Psycho, his associate, who screamed at me that I was going to DIE if I didn't have chemo.)

We talked about my one and only kidney...(one was removed as a child).
I held my hands out like two balancing scales to my side.
I said "On one side is my one and only kidney - on the other side is chemotherapy for cancer."
And I moved my hand up and down, like I was balancing something.
"If you can guarantee nothing will happen to my kidney while I go through chemo" - I moved my hands up and down...
"But you can't - and as I see it, the small percentage of improvement that chemo will make, is not worth the risk of my one and only kidney."

I told him I realized that for what I had, my risk was a 30% chance of getting cancer somewhere in my body again.
But if I got the chemo, it was only reduced to 22%.
And that was at the risk of my one kidney.

He said "Those percentage sound about right."

I moved my hands up and down some more "Now I'm weighing things here, so if you can totally cure me of cancer with the chemo, then I might decide that risking my kidney is worth it."

He shook his head. And wrote it down.

Then he said "You have to realize, you have a 30% chance of getting cancer again. But that means that you have a 70% chance of not getting cancer."
And he started throwing out articles published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This is basically what he said:
That of the women who got chemo... there was a percentage of them where cancer was never going to comeback no matter what they did, so they didn't need the chemo to begin with.
And there was a percentage of them where the cancer was definitely going to come back in spite of the chemo or whatever they did. So they got a treatment that didn't work.
So taking all that into consideration, only 15% of women who received chemo actually were cured by the chemo.
It was something like that.
So thats 85% of woman who got chemo didn't need it.

I wish I had the actual print out of this medical report. If you know a link, please email it to me.
He was tossing out percentages and figures, and my brain was trying to keep up.

I was really impressed with the fact that he said this to me.
I told my friends "I am sure this was his Pep Talk for the patients who refuse chemo."
And he probably has an entire different Pep Talk planned for patients who decide to go through the chemo, stating the facts and figures as to why it will help them.

But just the fact that he was really supportive of me, made me feel good.
I was feeling so much better, and had alot more Faith in what was going to happen.
And speaking of studies - alot of studies show that your attitude and mental outlook have a big effect on your physical health.
So it was wonderful that this doctor was encouraging me.

He gave me a thorough once-over. Feeling all my lymph nodes. Tapping on my bones and my back. Listening to my lungs. Squeezing my liver.
"Well, your liver feels healthy, its definitely not inflamed" he said.

Then we started to talk out Nutrition, Exercise and Supplements.
On an Oncologists office?
Wow, I am impressed.
Lose weight, Exercise - yeah yeah I know.
He quoted another study from a medical journal. That cancer survivors who exercised a half hour every day, had a 50% less chance of the cancer reoccurring.
And he said "Exercising an half hour a day - will actually do more for you than the chemotherapy."
He actually said that.

Make sure I am getting enough Vitamin D.
Q10 - studies haven't really proved it works for cancer, but its good for your heart. The problem is that the pill form is difficult for the body to absorb. He actually has a Colleague in his office who is working on a clinical trial with a Q10 Cream, that you rub into your skin so it gets absorbed.

I told him about the Antioxidants that I take...Curcumin Extract, Mushroom Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Quercetin.
He said, yes the antioxidants are okay - they haven't really been proven. Just make sure that I am taking a high-grade brand, that states the amount of the product in the pill. And try to take antioxidants where the bottle gives you the ORAC Certification .
This will actually tell you how much antioxidant your are getting in the pill.

The website is Orac Watch , but it is alittle to technical, more for the vitamin manufacturers.
And another link on Wikipedia

I will have to read more about this ORAC Certification. It sounds very interesting, and I am glad there is finally a way that you can tell if the product you are buying is good or nore.

Also, here are some of my favorite websites:
Breast Cancer Choices
Annie Appleseed Project
Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Whole Foods - Part Two

After work, I head back to Whole Foods, and get my store credit, for my fancy $5 cupcake that they forgot to put in the bag yesterday.

As I walk up, I see people eating on the patio. The hot food from the Deli take-out section looks pretty good.
So I take my store credit, I head over there and put a variety of hot foods in the cardboard container.

I like those cardboard containers, I wished more places used them.
I hate Styrofoam and plastic containers - I always worry about the chemicals that are leeching into the hot food.
The cardboard containers the Whole Foods uses are really good.

Well, dinner adds up to about $10 - and I use my $5 credit from the cupcake I never got.
The food is ... okay. Not worth $10.
What can you expect from food sitting out on hot plates.
The best was the lasagna and tamale.
All the rest was either to cold (they did provide a microwave), or it was bland.

I was drinking an Iced Chamomile Tea that was delicious. No caffeine.
I have to remember to by a 6-pack of it next time I am shopping here.

As I ate, I eavesdropped on conversations.
The two men behind me were discussing the positives and negatives of vegetarian and raw diets.
The one man insisting that the vegetarian diet was the best.
And the other man saying a vegetarian diet made him sick because he did not get enough protein. So he now eats about 80% raw foods, and fish once a day.
It was an interesting conversation to listen to.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Whole Foods

Last trip of the day - Whole Foods Market for grocery shopping.
All my organic veggies for the week. Salad stuff.
Organic easter-egg radishes, in pink, white and red - very pretty.
Some free-range chicken.
Sushi for dinner.
And.... a chocolate wheat-free cupcake with whipped cream center.

I get home.
I unpack the bags.
No cupcake.
They didn't put the cupcake in with my groceries.
And the thing was Five Dollars.

I call the store. Yes, the $5 cupcake is at the cashier stand.
They tell me to come by tomorrow for a store credit.

This is about the third time, that the cashiers at Whole Foods have forgotten to put something I've paid for in my grocery bag.

Well, I will have to wait until tomorrow for the $5 wheat free chocolate cupcake with the whipped cream center.

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Mr. Brooks

After the morning in Brentwood, we headed on over to the new Landmark Theatres
on Pico Blvd in West LA.
The place is still under-construction, but the general idea is very similar to The Archlight in Hollywood.
The theatres have great seating inside. Its assigned seating. Great concession stand. And there is a bar right next to the theatre. Soon there will be a restaurant and bookstore.

The concession stand may have fancy items - but my Pom Tea was $4.50 ... that for one bottle during the movie. Fancy food, but concession stand prices.

Mr Brooks
I saw the movie Mr. Brooks
Starring Kevin Costner .

This is the scariest movie I have seen in a while. Costner plays a wealthy business man, who is a serial killer at night. There were two places in the movie where I almost jumped out of my seat.
And I bet Kevin Costner gets nominated for an Oscar for this one - he was great.

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Pictures From Brentwood Country Mart

Brentwood Country Mart

Brentwood Country Mart

Brentwood Country Mart

Brentwood Country Mart

Brentwood Country Mart

Brentwood Country Mart

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Brentwood Country Mart

Spent the day walking around Brentwood Country Mart - looking at all the expensive stores.
With all the expensive items.
Very pretty things, but way out of my price range. But still it was fun to look.

The Brentwood Country Mart is one of the places that celebrities go to shop.
Except today being Fathers Day, there wasn't alot of people there at all and some of the stores were closed.

We stopped in the Brentwood General Store - and I bought
Cuisine Hand Butter.
Then at Bellas Beauty, I bought
Bellvita Honey & Mandel Almond Shower Gel and
Bath Lotion .

Lunch was at Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers
in the center of the Brentwood Country Mart.
I had the Sunshine Burger, which was delicious with sprouts and avacado, on multi-grain bread.

Gee, two hamburgers in two days.... yesterdays burger at Johnny Rockets at The Grove was terrible, and todays at Barney's was delicious.
Either way, I may need to lay off the red meat for a while.

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