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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Volunteering on Saturday

Part of the morning was spent trying to find a restaurant in Los Angeles that serves real Breakfast, and has Wi-Fi available. I found a few, mainly hotels.
But it didn't really matter - because sleepy headed me, I didn't make it out of the house in time.
I stopped off for lunch at Lickity Split in Hollywood instead.
Yes, they have sandwiches and soups and free Wi-Fi with purchase.

I had an about an hour for lunch and the internet, before it was time for my Volunteer Shift at The Egyptian Theatre .
I was "Captain" today, which meant I didn't see the movie. I stayed in the lobby and helped out at the door.
The movie was French, from 1967 Jacques Tati's Playtime .
And I was there for the 2 o'clock matinee.

Since it was the early afternoon, Hollywood Blvd was very quiet. So once the guests were in watching the movie, I had some down time. So I pulled out my laptop and wrote some blog entries.
Its very different being there in the afternoon. In the evenings, theres lots of tourists and people who drive in from nearby cities sight-seeing on Hollywood Blvd. They always stop at the front door wanting information on the theatre.
But today, in the middle of the afternoon - not a peep from anyone.

But as the 2 pm movie came to a close, things started to get crazy.
My shift was over at 4:30. And at 4:30, there was a private screening of Good Night and Good Luck .
The first 100 Egyptian Theatre Members got a free ticket.
Very soon, the line to get in was down the courtyard.

We were busy making sure the members who came had picked up tickets even tho the screening was free for them.
And we were trying to get everyone to queue up in the line.

I was standing behind the glass doors with other volunteers.
"Gee Donna, you look pretty good. You look perky and healthy." said one.
I explained that it was Saturday, and I hadn't had a radiation treatment since Wednesday due to the holiday. And that usually weekends aren't a problem, I can do social things okay on weekends.. But during the week its another story, because with a radiation appointment that day, I am usually to tired to go out after work.
The first volunteer said to the other "You know she's having radiation treatments. She doesn't need any electrical sockets or to plug anything in anymore."
I laughed and said "Yes, and I glow in the dark too."
Then the first volunteer made another joke about a nuclear reactor or something.
I laughed again and said "Hey, I'm not radioactive !"

The second volunteer didn't know much about Radiation treatments for cancer, so I explained it to him.
Everyday, five days a week. And I am about half-way through. And yes, I do get tired and have to take it somewhat easy.
But so far it hasn't been to big a deal. Just a few minor adjustments in my social schedule. Because I discovered extra coffee doesn't really work - you have to rest. And even sometimes the rest doesn't work because your body is fighting the radiation. So you just have to wait it out, and take things alittle slower.

What the first volunteer didn't notice when he told me I looked perky and healthy - was that I sit down alot. I noticed that if I don't stand - and I sit as much as possible, I don't get worn out as quickly.

Finally, it was time to let the big long line of quests in the door.
Ripping tickets is like a marathon when the line gets this long.
We try to get them all in as quickly as possible.

After it was over, a third volunteer came up to me.
"What happened? Why was everyone so stressed out ? What did it get so chaotic ? Everyone was so tense!"
I answered, kind of Buddha-like, "It was chaotic, because it was chaotic. Thats just what was."
She said "Oh, nothing bad happened?"
"No", I said "That just how it goes sometimes."
She was fine with my somewhat Zen answer.

4:30, and my Captain shift was over. I turned to the other person taking tickets.
"Don't forget to wash you hands before you eat your popcorn. Its flu season."

I got my free volunteer popcorn, and went into the theatre to see Good Night and Good Luck .
Wow - George Clooney really does have a great ability for telling history.
Everything about this movie was a great history lesson.
It was dramatic, but its not a dramatic story. Not alot is given about the character's backgrounds or personalities. Its almost like a documentary.
But it is the telling of what happened in the CBS Newsroom in the 1950s during the McCarthy Hearings.
The movie is in black and white, and is very true to the 1950s style. There are even some real TV commercials from the 1950s in the movie.

What an amazing history lesson.
It talks so much about basic American Rights and Freedoms. The right to a fair trial. Freedom of Speech. Freedom of the Press. Freedom to chose your political party.
I highly recommend that you catch this movie. Bring your kids and explain to them what it all means.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Surfing at The Bean

I was desperate to try out my new Wi-Fi from SBC Yahoo. Since I already have their DSL, for $1.99 per month, I can connect at a bunch of SBC Yahoo hotspot locations . Most of them are The Coffee Bean .
Some hotels and restaurants. And believe it or not - a strip club in Hollywood, which I will definitely be passing on.

This is beneficial to me, as I am always attached to my computer. It may actually get me out of the house more often.
I called around to a few Coffee Beans, just to make sure.

Well, the huge one on Sunset and Fairfax said their network had been down for a while.
Then I called the one on Hillhurst in Los Feliz.

Yes, they had the Wi-Fi and as far as they knew it was working fine.
So off I went.

The good thing about the Hillhurst Coffee Bean is that there is a big parking lot right there.
I don't like the idea of walking 2 or 3 city blocks with an expensive piece of computer equipment in a bag over my shoulder.
If someone wants it, all they have to do is knock me down and grab it.
So, especially at night, if I am going out with my computer - there has to be adequate parking.

I got in line behind three jumpy teenyboppers. They were selling candy. Asked me if I wanted to buy some candy.
"No. Are you in line ?" I asked.
Yes, they were, and they formed a line.
The one jumpy teenybopper was so jumpy, she looked like she had to pee. Maybe she had been eating to much candy.
Or drinking to much coffee. Or both.

The guy at the counter said "Next".
The three girls just stood there, looking around the cafe like they had never been in a cafe before.
I said "He said Next."
They hopped to it.

After they were done with their order, they just stood there. Not moving away from the counter.
The Clerk looked at me through the maze of teenybopper girls.
"Hi, May I help you" he said loudly.
The teenyboppers jumped and moved.

"First, let me check. You have Wi-Fi, and its working, right ?" I said.
The clerk looked at me "I guess", he said totally clueless.
The other clerk, said yes we do.
I said oh, good.
The first said "Oh, but you have to pay for it."
I said "Oh, I have SBC Yahoo, and you are listed on their website for the service that I pay for."
He just looked at me "Yeah, okay".
I said "Will it work in your patio area? Or is it just indoors?"
Once again, the clerk had no idea.

The guy in the line next to me, there with his girlfriend, decided to help out.
"Oh, they have it on a router. And it goes all around the building. So it should work fine on the patio."
"Oh, thank you" I said.
This customer knew more about the services of the Coffee Bean, then the employees did.

I ordered my Decaf Cappuccino and Oatmeal Cookie.
Then I went to the Pick-Up counter to wait.

The Barister - what are they called, those who make the coffees, kept calling out "Eva !"
Eva had two drinks there. Oh, no - I bet its those jumpy teenyboppers.

Sure enough, as my drink was ready, the three girls came up.
I said "Is your name Eva - those are your drinks."
Turns out Eva wanted a Frappacino, and Coffee Bean doesn't make those. I think thats a Starbucks thing.
So they accidentally gave her a Cappaccino.
I just made sure I asked the Barister if my Cappaccino was a decaf. And I left as they were all arguing about the frappaccino.

The only seats available were out on the patio. I found a seat close to the building that was well lit.
Gee, I was the only one with a computer.

Everything worked, I got logged on. And was reading my blogs on Bloglines .

Here came a group of 5 guys, all about in their 30s, who sat right across with me.
Out came the cigarettes.
Smoke everywhere.
Oh, no I can't wait until the leave, so I can breath again.

Oh, no - here come the jumpy teenyboppers.
They sit right next to me.
They better not knock my table and knock my computer.

I am busy surfing.
The jumpy teenyboppers are busy starring at the 30-something guys who are smoking.
Especially the one who looked like she had to pee, and tried to sell me the candy.
She can't stop looking at them. And she is not even 16 yet - more like 13.

I am thinking that if she does something, like approaches one of the guys, or if they approach the girls, I might say something.
But the men are completely ignoring her.
And then ..... along comes the Mother.
Yeah! for the Mom. Just in the nick of time. She needs to watch that girl.

The mother sits in the middle of the girls, and all is better with the world.
I can go back to surfing.

Finally, the smokers leave. I am happy for maybe 10 minutes.
Its getting cold.
And some more smokers arrive.

I see there are seats inside, and I decide its time to move.

Once inside, most of the other customers have left. And I have the place to myself.
A few people come in to buy coffees, and they look at my computer screen like they have never seen the Internet on a laptop before. I guess this is all news to them.

I leave before the battery runs out.
But once home, I can't fall asleep till close to 3 am.
Dern it, the Cappaccino was not Decaf.

Day After Thanksgiving

After running some errands in the morning, I ended up over at the Arclight Cinemas
to see an afternoon show of "DeRailed" starring Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen.

The Arclight was very crowded the day after Thanksgiving. As I guess most movie theatres are.
I love to people-watch. But basically all I saw were people rushing to get to their movie on time.
All sorts of people. Dressed up people. Dressed down people.

I went to buy my ticket. "DeRailed" had an asterisk next to its name on the marquee.
Meaning it was a Members Movie, and I got a discount.
The ticket taker said "That will be $14".
I said "Wait, its a members movie - isn't there a discount?"
"Oh, yeah, I rung it up wrong." and he called for his supervisor.
There was some kind of form they would want me sign.
All for only a $1 price difference.

There was a huge line behind me.
So I said "If its only $1, forget about it. My movie is about to start anyway."
And I took off.
Gee - if they are over-charging everyone who saw the movie around a dollar, someone ends up making a pretty good profit on that.

I did end up with enough points on my Arclight card, to get a free concession stand item.
If you have their card, after a certain number of movie tickets you have a certain number of points, and you get a free concession stand item.
Or you can skip the free munchies, and just keep racking up the points until you get enough to get a free movie.
These are the big benefits to having that membership card. It makes the $14 dollar ticket price, worth it.

As for "DeRailed" - I don't know. It was really full of suspense. And the movie kept me interested throughout.
But it is a movie about thieves who make someone a victim.
And after being victimized by having my car broken into, I just was not into it.
The movie really left me with a yucky feeling.
Like filth.
Usually I loved suspense. But I was not in a good head-space for this.

Maybe I better swear off crime dramas for a few more weeks.
until I get over my automobile break-in. Until I am in a better place in my head.

Jennifer Aniston was really good in tho. She really plays the "bad girl" well. I liked seeing her play a serious character for once, instead of her comic "Friends" Rachel character.

As I left, I noticed that the Arclight did have a really nice display of celebrity photos in their upper lobby area.

So it was off to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping.
I was out of bread and dishwashing liquid. Then I picked up some veggies to make a vegetable and rice soup. I splurged on a cornish game hen with cranberry stuffing - it was pricey, but to pretty to pass up.

Gee, there was no one in the parking lot today. Of course, its the day after Thanksgiving.

Going home, unloading my groceries and play with Cinnamon the Cat for a bit.

Pumpkin Orange Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust

I actually got the recipe from an Eagle Brand Recipe Booklet, published way back in 1990.
The cheesecake was delicious, really creamy and smooth.

Maybe one of these days I will get around to getting My Recipe Pages caught up and I will add it then. I'm so behind...


Pumpkin Orange Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust

Makes One 9 inch cheesecake

1 and 1/2 cups (32 cookies) gingersnap cookie crumbs
1/4 cup butter, melted
3 eight-ounce packages of cream cheese, softened
1 fourteen ounce can Sweetened Condensed milk (Not evaporated milk)
1 sixteen ounce can of pumpkin
2 eggs
3 tablespoons orange juice (or orange liqueur)
1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice
1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 300

Combine cookie crumbs and butter.
Press firmly on to bottom and up sides of 9 inch springform pan.

In a large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy.
Gradually beat in sweetened condensed milk until smooth.
Beat in remaining ingredients.

Pour into springform pan.
Bake 1 hour and 15 minutes, until set.
Cool and Chill before serving.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Dinner was Fun

I was invited out to have dinner with friends-of-a-friend.
I guess there were about 15 people there. Mainly family and long time friends.

Dinner started out with veggie appetizers and champagne in their sunken living room.
I am glad the host said "Watch your step." Or otherwise I would have taken a tumble, not realizing the living room was actually three steps down.

The menu was Turkey, Ham, stuffing, 2 kinds of cranberries, corn... and I don't know what else. I ate so much its all just a blur.

I sat at the very far end of the table with a lovely lady who is in her 90's.
My first thought when I met her was "How has she managed to stay so alive and well, up to this age?"
Well, as we talked I got my answer.

She has a beautiful home with a pool.
And she swims in it every day.
Thats how she stays so fit and lively.

We talked about her 4 children - some of whom are much older then me, well into their 60s. And her Grandchildren. And her Great Grandchildren.
(I guess I am the age of her grandchildren.)
It was such a nice conversation.

The hosts were seated to my right. I ended up talking to the husband about his 3D Camera Collection.
They are really into 3D collectibles. And its on display in a beautiful antique cabinet.
Most of the things they have date back to the 1920s. But they even have one piece from 1890.

I asked if any of the cameras still worked, or if they got broken could they be repaired.
My host said the problem is that no one makes the film for the cameras anymore ! The film doesn't exist.
So even if the cameras worked, you couldn't use them because you'd have no film.

Thats so sad. To think something can just become extinct like that.

The host also mention his health. He said "I cheated death twice this year."
I said "I had one of those years too."
He said "I had both melanoma and a triple heart bypass."
Okay, maybe he had me beat. If not, I just wasn't interested in playing "Guess Whose Had the Worse Disease" during a holiday dinner.
Also I hate the sad, concerned and shocked look I get when I mention the word "Cancer". And heaven forbid, I should say "Radiation Treatments".
So I just dropped it.

Dinner finished with Desserts. There were way to many desserts. And many of the older people didn't want any dessert.
My pumpkin cheesecake turned out perfect.
But with so many desserts, I only ended up with 3 people taking a piece.
I had a piece of my pumpkin cheesecake, and a slice of homemade berry pie that someone else had made.

The evening finished with us all chatting away in the living room.
My friend and I had thought about going to a movie, but it was getting to late.

I asked the hostess if she wanted the rest of the cheesecake, otherwise I can bring it into the office on Monday.
So I took it home, and put it into the freezer.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday !

Weird Thanksgiving Blessings

There is this little old lady in the building who drives all of the other tenants & the Manager nuts.
She's going senile and has episodes where she forgets everything. She changed all her locks, and won't give the Manager a key. Then she forgets and locks herself out and goes around banging on everyone's doors trying to find someone in the building who will call a locksmith.
This can happen any time of the day or night... 3 am in the morning one time.
Sometimes she is totally lucid. Other times, senile. She has no family to help her. Its really sad.
But Needless to say, she is the least favorite person of any of the tenants in the building.
Personally, I avoid her at all costs.

I was busily making my pumpkin cheesecake this morning when she knocked on my door.

I didn't want to opened it. I knew it was her before I asked who it was.
She said through the door "I have a present for you."
Oh, no. Not a present.

I opened it, and she gave me a Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving meal. She said she told them about me.
She knew about my car getting broken into from the note I left on all the tenants door.
And she had heard about my Radiation Treatments for Breast Cancer.

I tried to refuse and asked her to give it to someone else. I told her I have plans for Thanksgiving dinner.
She said No, it was a gift just for me.

As she said this, I was holding the door half-way shut.
The word around the building is that if you let her into your apartment, she will never leave and will be there for hours.
She said "Can I come in and put this down?"
I took the plate of food from her.
I had the door jammed with my foot. She was trying to press it opened. My foot was holding it.
Now I held all the food, so there was no reason for her to come in.

I kept trying to get her to give this food to someone else.
She kept saying no, it was for me.
All the grocery shopping I do at Whole Foods - I was feeling guilty about taking the free food.

I was never clear about how she got the food. Was she giving me her Meals on Wheels food because she was going out for dinner?
Or did she get them to give her an extra plate ?

She said she needed to return the tray that the food was on to them.
I told her I would bring it right back up to her, once I was out of my pajamas.
She said "Knock on my door. If you leave it in front of the door, someone might steal it."

Wow, the whole thing was really touching. Even if I don't need the food.

I put the food into tupperware containers. Then I washed the tray. Changed into jeans.
And brought the tray up to her apartment on the third floor.
I attached a Thank you note on a card with a cute kitty cat pic.

I knocked. Her door has like 5 serious dead-bolt locks on it. And one lock with a key pad with numbers you have to punch.
No wonder the manager is mad - he doesn't have a key to any of those.

It took her a while to come to the door and undo all the locks. And when she opened the door, the smell was really bad.
I know she has a cat and a bunch of birds.
There was bird seed all over her carpeting.

I said a few Thank You's again. And I wanted to leave because of the smell.
She said "Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And I pray you live a long and healthy life."

Oh, wow.

Gee, here I am spending a chunk of my paycheck at Whole Foods, going out to a nice Thanksgiving Meal later on .... but here someone else is concerned about me having a good Thanksgiving.

I will have to think of a nice thing to do in return for her.
And a way to spread this goodness to another person.....

Makes me stop to think about the Real Meaning of Thanksgiving.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In Search of Pumpkin Cheesecake

We got out early today at the office. I went to my Radiation treatment. Then I ran to the Library . Funny, I almost went over my limit on the number of books I have checked out.

I went home to get a cheesecake recipe. My contribution to Thanksgiving is a Pumpkin Cheesecake. I couldn't find the recipe I always use, so I will have to try a new one.

To make a Cheesecake, you need a Springform Pan. Its two pieces. The sides come undone, and separates from the bottom.

I went to dig my Springform pan out from the bottom kitchen cabinet.
Way, Way in the back where I could barely reach.
I found the side part.
And the bottom of the Springform pan ? Wedged in between the shelf and the wall.

I did everything I could to dig it out. It was not coming undone.
That piece of bakeware will be wedged in that spot until the Second Coming of Jesus ... or until the City of LA demolishes the building - whichever comes first.

Off I go to Ralphs , for all my Pumpkin Cheesecake needs.
Of course, they don't have a single Springform pan in their cooking aisle.
I will have to make one more stop in my cooking expedition.

Shopping the day before a major holiday is really weird.
There are alot of people in the Supermarket who just don't belong there.
It makes shopping for us regular Supermarket-goers difficult, because none of these people know where anything is.

As I was in the Baking Aisle looking for the Springform pan, there were 2 really large, young, hip-hop type guys in the aisle.
My guess is they offered to bring the dessert for tomorrows dinner at Moms place.
"Get out of the way dude, let the lady by." said one.
"Yo, man, I got to find the jello" said the other.
Jello - hmmm, Thanksgiving dinner should be interesting.

People Watching is so much fun....

Then there was a very wealthy looking, upscale dressed, businessman, with his shopping cart looking forlorn and lost.
And a short, chubby Hispanic woman wearing a t-shirt came up and put something in his cart.
I was confused. These two don't go together.
I saw them talking. Gee, I thought, that can't be his wife.
Oh, it dawned on me - The Housekeeper, Maid, The Hired Help.
She obviously knew more about the Supermarket than he did. He should have just stayed home and let her do the shopping.
He looked like a Deer in Headlights.

But I was really taken with a young couple with two children. The older one in the cart, and a baby in a sling that the mother was holding.
The young husband was dressed crisp and clean. The young woman wore fancy pointed-toe high heels, her hair in a very business like bun.
I looked at her walking around the Supermarket in those high heels and carrying the baby.
They looked like they were on their way to a Thanksgiving Dinner - not shopping for it.
As they talked I noticed their interaction. She let the husband make all the decisions about what to buy.
Hmmmm... she wasn't American. Did he meet her in Russia and bring her back to the states with him ?

Then there were the two separate Chicks who were way overdressed for the Grocery store.

One, in long flowing black lace. Hair dyed streaks of white and baby blue. She looked like she belonged on stage singing in a band. My guess is that she had stopped off on her way home from work, wherever that is. She was quickly grabbing her items. And was out of the store in a flash.
Who knows, maybe she was shopping for Thanksgiving on her way to sound-check at the Club.

The other Chick, looked like she was at the Supermarket to pick up Guys. Micro-mini denim skirt and boots. She was wearing a fake purple wig, like Natalie Portman in "Closer".
It was the way she was posing herself with her shopping cart - her hand on her hips, and her hips jutted out to the side.
Usually when people are serious about shopping for Thanksgiving, they don't stand in one place and Pose.
She could have been posing for a fashion magazine. Maybe there was a photographer at the other end of the aisle.

Well, enough people watching. I had to get going.

Waiting for the elevator, I tried to call Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if they had Springform pans.
They hung up on me. Twice.
Holiday help who don't know how to use the telephone switchboard....

I had plenty of time for cellphone calls. The line to the elevator was ridiculously long. Only one elevator was working at the Ralphs on Western and Hollywood.
The other 2 were out of order.

I stopped off at Rite Aid first. I was mad at Bed, Bath and Beyond for hanging up on me twice and I really didn't want to spend money there tonight.
But Rite Aid has no Springform pans.
But they did have three middle aged men standing in line each buying those large beer cans. I think its like 3 beers in one can.
I thought 'Well, thats how some people spend Thanksgiving." I guess they were having a party of their own.

Finally at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Not a single Sales person to help me anywhere.
I was about to buy two little mini-springboard pans, which I really didn't want.
I looked on the bottom shelf - and there is was: A set of 3 springform pans, 8 inches, 9 inches and 10 inches - for under Ten bucks.
Wow, thats a good deal.
And I got the second to the last one.
Alot of people must be making cheesecake this year.

While I was there, I got a little vegetable steamer.
And a really handy gizmo. Its called a Nuscup.
It is a measuring cup and spoon - because it adjusts. And it works for both liquids too.
(I've used it already and its really handy.)

Okay - too much running around. I will have to make the Pumpkin Cheesecake tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Weekly Radiation Happenings

So Monday I go in for my Radiation Treatment. As usual, the technicians ask "How are you going?"
And I always tell them exactly how I am doing.

I showed them my left hand. That is the side where they removed the lymph nodes from my arm pit.
The top of my left hand is swollen, which happens occasionally.
But my fingers were swollen as well, especially my index finger.

The technician got the nurse, who came to look at it.
"Have you been lifting any heavy packages, Miss Grayson?"
"Have you been eating to much salt, Miss Grayson ?"
"Have you been using your hand to much, Miss Grayson?"
"Are you doing your exercises, Miss Grayson?"

Oh... give me a break. I organized my closet over the weekend, and I don't think thats causing it.
Personally, I think its the flippin' Radiation Treatment.
But, no ... According to them, everything is always my fault.

So the nurse said she needs to see it on Monday. And if its not better by then, we might have a problem.

If its not one thing its another.....

On a happy note ... I don't have to get any Radiation on the Thanksgiving holiday.
Thats four days off from work.
And four days off from Radiation Treatment !
Yeah !!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Happenings

I did nothing all morning. Surfed around the internet.
Completely mesmerized by .
I ended up in the Discussion Forums .
Playing around in the Word Association Forum is a real hoot.

It was nearly 3 pm when I got up to move from my spot.
Headed over to Arclight Cinemas .

I wanted to see ShopGirl .
And I was already 5 minutes late when I bought I my ticket.
You know what - they let me in anyway !

The ticket seller said to me "Ok, but the film is starting in 3 minutes."
What he basically meant was "Hurry up and get into the theatre before the movie starts."
I stopped off at the concession stand anyway.

Archlight used to have a policy of not selling any tickets after the start time of the movie.
Its cuts down on people crawling over other people to sit, once the movie has started.
But they must have changed their policy.
I bought the ticket 5 minutes after the start time. I had 3 minutes left.
Which means I missed 8 minutes of previews.

ShopGirl was really good. I didn't expect it to be such a great movie, but it was.
Claire Daines is just wonderful in it, and she will probably get an Oscar nomination.
Jason Schwartzman is hysterical.
Steve Martin plays an extremely wealthy man who meets Claire Danes when she works at Saks Fifth Avenue .
Originally, Tom Hanks was supposed to play the Steve Martin role. I would have liked to have seen him in it.
Its a touching story. I had read the Novella, Shopgirl when it first came out - so I was really interested in seeing the movie.

But whats with the Archlight ?
I was in the first row, middle section, to the right.
I looked over and all these people had their stinking feet on the railing thats in front of the second row in the middle. About 3 people had their shoes off.
If you go to the movies, don't take off your shoes and prop your feet up on the railing !

Every time I glanced to my left, there were stinky feet in socks.
I am sure the third row had to look over those stinky feet to see the movie.
It was gross.

What kind of people pay $14 to go out to a really nice upscale movie theatre - and they act like country pumpkins by taking their shoes off, and sticking their feet it the air.
Its just ... Yuck.

After the movie, I decided I would run over to Whole foods and do alittle grocery shopping.
I get down by The Grove and traffic is bumper to bumper.
Complete chaos.

After seeing the traffic mess, I should have turned around and gone home. But no, I wanted my organic veggies.
So I drove through the parking lot of Whole Foods at a snail's pace because that was also crowded.
I noticed people parking their cars at Whole Foods and walking over to The Grove - which is a big No-No.

Finally I heard a 20-something bleach blond talking on her cell phone :
"Oh, yeah, its crazy here. Totally crazy. They are doing the Christmas Tree Lighting at The Grove."

Oh, not the Grove Christmas Tree Lighting - get me out of there !

That big huge tree they light up every year - with all the celebrities. Last year I tried to go. We were packed into the Mall like sardines. And I couldn't even see the tree or hear the music.
No wonder 3rd Street and traffic were such a mess !

I got out of the parking lot, and headed home. I had wasted an entire hour.

I stopped off at Ralphs on La Brea.
No organic veggies for me this week.
Shopping ? Time for a good lentil soup. And a roasted chicken.

By the time I got home, I had wasted way to much time on my grocery shopping.


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