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Saturday, April 21, 2007


Cat Mousepad by DonnaGrayson
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purple flowers postage
purple flowers postage stamps
by DonnaGrayson
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The Geffen and The Newsroom Cafe

I went online and bought tickets from Goldstar Events .
This is a great on-line service that allows you to purchase tickets for plays and other events at a reduced price.

I got tickets for the play "Heroes" at the Geffen Theatre .
Even though my ticket was almost half priced, I ended up with fantastic seats in the 3rd row.
It was great being up that close.

The actors in the play were George Segal , Richard Benjamin , and Len Cariou .
The play is a comedy about three friends in a French military hospital in 1959.

After the play, we stopped off at the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills.
We sat at one of the tables for four.
One of the waitresses came over and asked us to move to a table for two.
There was hardly anyone else in the restaurant, most of the tables were empty.

But we decided that we would just switch tables and not make a fuss.
As we switched tables, the waitress looked at her watch.
I said "Well, I guess she is expecting a big dinner rush."
My friend said "Well, if she is our waitress, she is not getting a big tip." He was alittle mad that we had been asked to move, since the restaurant was mostly empty.

Well, she wasn't our waitress - we had a waiter and he was nice.
I ordered a shark dinner special, it was very delicious.

We kept looking around the restaurant, and there were no other people coming in.
When we finally left at close to 7pm, there were still very few people in the restaurant, and mostly empty tables.

It was very annoying to be asked to move to a small table when there was no one else in the place.

We went for a quick walk up and down Robertson Blvd, passed The Ivy .
Looking for Stars - or at least some paparazzi who were looking for stars.
It was a pretty quiet night.
We saw a few stick thin women in very expensive skimpy clothes - obviously Models.

One little skinny woman walked passed me - accompanied by a tall, humongous guy who looked like he belonged in a street gang.
My friend said "You don't think they are dating do you?"
I said "No, I think thats her body guard."
I don't know who she was, I didn't recognize her.

Then, I passed a skinny rock & roll looking guy.
I couldn't tell if his long blond hair was a wig, or a bad dye job. I think he was wearing a wig so maybe no fans would recognize him.
Since he was trying to be incognito, I looked him straight in the face, trying to figure our who he was.
He nodded and half-smiled at me, as we passed.
I think he was trying to figure out if maybe we knew eachother.
I mean, why else would I be looking directly at him...
Could it be because he was wearing a really bad wig, so obviously he is somebody famous - and I wanted to figure it out.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Cat Keychain
Cat Keychain by DonnaGrayson
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flowers mug
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April 20 2007 Photos
hollywood and highland Hollywood & Highland Elephant

Hollywood Wax MuseumHollywood Mural

on Highland On Highland

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Ear Nose And Throat Doctor

First, this is a new doctor - way down in Downtown Los Angeles where I have never been before.
Since I have no idea where I am going - I end up running late.

I arrive into the office with the huge envelope with the CT scan xrays.

The ENT doctor was a very nice lady.
We went over my medical history.
She handed me a kleenex tissue.

"Why are you handing me a tissue?" I ask

"Oh, I am just going to put some spray up you nose to numb it", she replies.

"Why are you going to numb my nose?"

She says "So I can put an instrument up there at look at your sinus."

"No,no - we aren't doing that. Nothing up my nose." I say.

"Well, I can't give you a thorough medical exam without looking up your nose." she says

"Thats fine, just look at the CT scan" is my reply

"Oooh, You're going to let me look at your CT scan" she says with alittle tone in her voice.

We talk. She points out the deviated septum. She circles two cysts in my sinus.

I tell her I will not take the sinus sprays because they have steroids, and I have had breast cancer in the past.
She tells me that really the only other thing that can be done is Surgery.
Surgery ???!!!!!

I'm not in any pain. And I just got over having surgery in 2005.
No, no - I can not deal with that idea.

I ask her "Are these cysts anything having to do with cancer?"

"No, these are not cancer related at all". Was her reply.
She can tell I have suddenly become very skittish and nervous.

"Ok, I am just going to take a wait and see approach, since the cysts aren't causing me any pain."
And I start to pack up.
She gives me a nasal wash.
And I am out the door like lightening...

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

flowers print
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Appreciate Nature
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Original Designs on Zazzle

pink pattern tie
pink pattern tie by DonnaGrayson
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Bright Blue Green Mug

Bright Blue Green Mug by DonnaGrayson
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Veggies !


I love veggies ! Especially if they are fresh, and cooked just right.

I had some Purple Potatoes & Red Potatoes that I had picked up from Trader Joes .
And I stopped off at Mayfair Market and got some Yellow and Green Patty Pan Squash, Yellow and Red Bell Peppers and onions.
Alittle oil, alittle seasonings - and I put them in a covered glass baking dish.

The perfect side dish for chicken.
Lunch for the rest of the week.

Vegetable Cookbooks

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I have to go see an ENT - Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor - later this week.
It turns out that when they did the CT scan of my sinus - it showed that I have a slight deviated septum, and some cysts in my left sinus.

I have to go and pick up my Xrays today, so I can bring them to the ENT doctor with me.
So today I drive from Hollywood into downtown Los Angeles, to the office of my medical group where they actually took the CT Scan.

The woman at the Xray Reception informs me that because my Old Doctor used to be in Glendale, my patient number begins with a Glendale ID number - and they have shipped the Xrays to Glendale.

"But I have changed Doctors to my new doctor here in Downtown Los Angeles. I have seen him twice. My old doctor in Glendale left the group. So I am coming here to the Downtown LA office now. The Doctor here in Los Angeles is the one who order the CT scan anyway."

It doesn't matter. It all depends on that Number on my chart.
I fill out a form to have my number changed in their computer system.
For the future.
Today, my records are on the other side of town

So I decide I am just going to have to drive over to Glendale and get this done. Today.
Once in Glendale, I am given the huge folder with the Sinus CT scan in a matter of minutes.

I spent way to much time driving to try to get this simple task accomplished.
I waste far to much time on crazy doctor things.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring Flowers

Beautiful Flowers Mousepad by DonnaGrayson
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purple and pink greeting card
purple and pink flowers greeting card by
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I volunteered tonight over at the Egyptian Theatre .

Turner Classics held a pre-screening of its new documentary, about Marlon Brando
Brando - A TCM Original Documentary

Its going to be on Turner Classics in May - and I highly recommend that you catch it.

Marlon Brando is one of the greatest actors in history. Every acting teacher I know raves about him.
Its so amazing to watch him in his early movies.

I have to tell you :
I was ushering and helping the VIPs go to their assigned seating.
I smiled at Gene Simmons as he went to his seat.
He smiled back at me.
Yes, Gene Simmons from KISS .
He looked pretty good, and I really liked his gold shoes.

Here's a Link for Pictures from the Event:

Marlon Brando DVDs

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Do you know some people who are completely self-absorbed ?
I found this quote surfing around the internet and I just loved it.

Found this Quote on

"My eighth-grader daughter refers to certain people in her social group as "maybe a little WRAM."
What does WRAM mean? I asked her. It's an acronym, she said: it stands for World Revolves Around Me.
There are a few networkers I could affix that label to without much trouble. Don't be one of them: networking is supposed to be a two-way street, and the more you focus on helping your fellow networkers, the more good things will come back to you -- trust me."

So don't be WRAM...

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Cinnamon Cat

Cat Bath card

Cat Bath Greeting Card by DonnaGrayson

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Cat Mousepad

Cat Mousepad by DonnaGrayson

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Stress Control Food

Why is it that when we are really stressed out, we crave food ?
Especially bad food ?

I was thinking this as I drove away from the terrible doctors appointment with Dr. Psycho.
I had decided to drive directly to Fat Burger .
I needed a Fat Burger. I craved a Fat Burger.

Is it a learned response ?
Eat something, and you will feel better.
Well, thats for sure.

Or is it a physical response ?
Stress happens, the body craves nutrition, so go eat.
And then you feel better....

Once at Fat Burger, I decided to try to be some what controlled.
That is something I am trying to learn : That when I eat out, its not an excuse to pig out.
I am learning to eat out, and still be somewhat sensible in my choices.

So I order the Turkey Burger.
Instead of a regular hamburger.
A Much better choice.
But okay, still Onion Rings.
I have to have the Onion Rings.
Fat Burger makes great onion rings.

And then, I feel so much better.
And Dr. Psycho is long forgotten.

Fat Burger
Burger Cooking Items
Burger Cookbooks

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Weird Oncologists

This a really Weird Doctor's Appointment story .. so I will give some historical background in this post.

I only went to see an Oncologist today because the doctor I had for 6 years left the Group, my new doctor asked me to follow-up with "his guy", an oncologist with 15 years experience, named Dr. G.
Doctor New told me he knew I didn't want chemotherapy for the breast cancer in had in 2005, but there would be no harm in just going to talk to Dr. G because he was "a really good guy".
So I said okay, and the office made an appointment for me with Dr. G.

Now... go back to 2005 to when I was diagnosed. My Breast Cancer Surgeon made me 2 appointments with two different oncologists... one was Dr. S, - but I will call him Dr. Psycho .... 2 years ago, after I had my wacky consultation with him, he kept calling me and having his staff call me.
His staff would call me and say "We are calling to confirm you appointment." - and I had no appointment.
He kept calling me at my office, and it got to the point we were yelling at eachother. He would call, and I would tell him not to call again - and he would. I told him point blank that even if I was going to have the Chemo, he would not be giving it to me... and I would never have him be my doctor. Then one day he called and we were screaming at eachother... and my coworkers overheard it and were very worried... and he was yelling at me "You are going to DIE ! You are going to DIE if you don't have chemotherapy!"

So I sent him a Fax ... and I told him that if he continued to call me, or have his staff call me, I was going to get a Restraining Order against him.
After that, he didn't call me.

One of the reasons why I wanted nothing to do with Dr. Psycho was that he was a very good lier.
I was concerned about getting Chemotherapy because I have had only one kidney since childhood.
His reply was "Well, what will happen if the breast cancer spreads to your kidney - then you will really have problems."
When I told my regular doctor and my breast surgeon what he said .. they were both very honest.
Breast Cancer can't spread to your kidney. It can spread to your brain, lungs, liver or bones. Those are some how all related, and its to scientific so I can't explain it. But they both said if I were to ever end up with Kidney cancer,
it would an entirely different cancer, and not related to the Breast Cancer at all.

So there I was in 2005, weighting Pros and Cons on a Scale, trying to figure out what to do with my health and all the cancer treatments the doctors were telling me about....
And Dr. Psycho tries a scare tactic, and lies to me.
So forget him.

Not to mention he turned out to be a real Psycho, and gave me all sorts of weird phone calls.

So now Today, Thursday morning.....I take the morning off from work, and I drive to downtown LA (Its only about a 30 minute drive). I get to the office for my appointment with Dr. G, who is the new oncologist that my doctor recommended. I tell them I am here to see "Dr. G" and I pay my insurance co-payment, and I wait in the waiting room. The Nurses take my blood pressure. And Nurses take me to the exam room. We even have a little conversation of how Dr. New recommended Dr. G because he likes him and he has 15 years experience.

In the Exam room I take off my shirt and bra, and I put on that little smock . So I am waiting there in the little smock for Doctor G...... and in walks Dr. Psycho !

Right away I knew it was not Dr. G, because Dr. Psycho is much younger.. I am thinking of the 15 years experience that Dr. New talked about .... and I sense that something is really wrong .... and Dr Psycho says to me "Donna,
do you remember me?"
And I look down at his name badge, and it says "Dr. Psycho". (Well, Dr. His-Real-Name.)
And I was so mad !

He said something about a Mix-up, and Dr. G was not available - Did I want to talk to another Doctor?
I stood my ground and said "No, Dr. New, recommended Dr. G because he has 15 years experience, and they know eachother."
He said "But are you sure you don't want to talk to anyone else?" Of course, he means Himself.
I said "NO, I want to talk to the doctor, that my new Doctor recommended."
He started to ask me questions about my health and my cancer follow-ups. I told him I had passed all my mammograms and was following up with my Breast Cancer Surgeon every 3 to 6 months - but that I wanted to discuss that with Dr. G and no one else.

So after I am naked in that little smock - he says "Ok, we will cancel your appointment today, and you can make another appointment with Dr. G."

So I put on my clothes, I go back out to the front desk ... and they try to make another appointment with me.
I tell them my Day Planner is at the office and I will have to call them later on.
The two nurses smile at me like Brain-Washed Cult Members.

Then they give me back my check for my insurance co-payment !!!!
Isn't that the weirdest thing - they cancel the appointment and give me my check back - after I am naked in the little smock in the exam room and have seen a Doctor !

Well, I wasted the entire morning that I took off from work.
They could have called me the day before, or even that morning, and told me that Dr. G was not available, and ask if I was willing to see another doctor ... but I am sure they didn't because Dr. Psycho thought he could get me in the exam room, naked in that little smock, and I would be vulnerable and easily manipulated.
I don't think it was a scheduling error. Dr. Psycho knew I was coming in and planned it.
I felt so Emotionally Abused, .....

I sent Dr. Psycho's office a fax right away - and I told them I was not their patient, do not call me, and I will be getting a different oncologist referral from Dr. New.
Then I sent Dr. New a fax, asking for a different referral, and telling him the entire story of my history with Dr. Psycho, including what happened in 2005, and with what happened this morning.
I am sure Dr. New is mad, because he got me to the point where I was willing to see an oncologist and then Dr. Psycho screwed it all up.
They should have called me before I went down there and rescheduled my appointment, but Dr. Psycho is a very manipulative person.

I also have a call into the health care group's complaint department. I'm waiting for them to call me back...
Believe me, I will be placing a complaint.

Books on Natural & Holistic Cancer health

Here is a fantastic website:

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Greeting Cards

doggy in the street card

doggy in the street
by DonnaGrayson

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ducks card

ducks in a pond
by DonnaGrayson

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Spider-man and Mel Brooks

My friends and I are all looking forward to Spider-man 3 .
We can hardly wait.
So today we got together for the afternoon to watch Spider-man 1 and Spider-man 2 .

As it turned out, we switched on a cable station while waiting for the last person to arrive.
And Mel Brooks hysterical comedy, History of the World Part 1 was on.
I had never seen it. And it was so funny.

So after the last friend arrived, we kept the cable station on, and watched Mel Brooks instead.
And then, since one friend had never seen Spiderman 2 - that was the second choice for our double feature.

So we had an afternoon of watching the funny Mel Brooks and the friendly neighbor Spider-man.

All Spider-man DVDs
Spider-man Toys on
Spider-man 3 Soundtrack
Spider-man 3 Official Movie Site
Yahoo Spider-man 3 page

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April 15 2007 Photography

Hollywood Blvd Dinosaur At the corner of Hollywood and Highland

hollywood blvd & highland The corner of Hollywood and Highland

sleeping Cinnamon the Cat Sleeps

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