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Saturday, November 04, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 4

I have never seen 4 movies in one day. But today I did.

Whenever we work at a shift for the AFI Film Festival , they give us a Voucher. And that can be exchanged for a ticket
to any movie.
Or, your festival volunteer badge will let you into any movie that is not sold out, and has seating.

So the first thing I did, I went to the Volunteer check-in area to get my vouchers from the last two nights that I have volunteered.
I took my vouchers to the Boxoffice, and I exchanged them for tickets to two morning movies.

The first movie I was was "Somebodies" . A funny look at young adults who are deciding, since they are no longer in school, if they are going to party all the time, or if they are going to following the straight and narrow and attend church. It a humorous story about young people trying to figure out how to live their lives.

In between movies, I met up with two friends in the lobby. We were calling eachother on our cell phones.
But none of us had gotten tickets to the same movie. All three of us wanted to see something else.
So we made plans to meet in the lobby later on, and we all went in different directions to see our different films.

I kept seeing Kirsten Dunst going in and out of movies. She seemed to be watching as many movies and I was. I even ran into her in the ladies room. She was just in Shorts, and very casual. At first I didn't recognize her.

I then went and saw a movie called "Full Grown Men" - very colorfully done. And I enjoyed watching the lead actor.

Since all I ate all day was concession stand food, I stopped off in the Arclight Cinemas
Cafe for a Chinese Chicken Salad.
I called both of my friends on their cell phone. I got no answered because I guess they were still watching their movies.

Then, I headed over to my Volunteer Shift.
The movie was "Stephanie Daily" a serious drama starring Tilda Swinton.
I did the "Clicker" - clicking the little metal thing as each person walked in, so as to keep a count as to how many people went inside the theatre.
Then I went in to watch the movie.

Next, the movie was "Kurt Cobain About A Son" . One of my friends came to the movie - so we actually got to see eachother.
This screening was fun, because it wasn't the usual film festival people. Alot of the people attending were Rock & Rollers who obviously don't go to many film festivals.
They didn't understand that there is a Ballot that each person checks off in the end, so the AFI Film Fest can give an "Audience Choice Award".
So I had to give many of the people instructions on how to do this.

And some of the patrons are just figuring out how the entire ticketing/pass thing works.
One patron came over to me "Are you letting people in your theatre with just a pass?" she asked me.
"Yes, a pass will get you in to see the movie." I said.
She replied "Well, thats what I explained to the manager in the next theatre and he told me we have to have tickets".
I then explained to her, that some of the events require a separate ticket because it is assigned seating. These are usually the ones they expect to sell-out, because there is a big celebrity speaking.
And other events take either tickets or passes because it is general "sit where ever you want" seating.
So there is a difference.

After the movie, I went up to the top of the Arclight parking structure - where the Cinema Lounge is at.
I had told my two friends (who had disappeared into their movies) to meet me up there at the end of the night.
They are having musicians playing music.

I saw one of the Managers I had worked with.
"Can I get into the Cinema Lounge to listen to the music?"
He answered, No, that the volunteers are only allowed into the Cinema Lounge during the afternoon. I can't go
in there in the evening. "But you can try it" was his last word of advice.

I walked to the Cinema Lounge door. And peaked inside, there was plenty of space.
Once of my fellow volunteers stopped me.
"No volunteers can't come in.", he said.
"Oh, Okay".
Well, I tried.

I ran into the Volunteer Coordinator who was sitting in the outside area.
"Gee, why can't we go into the Cinema Lounge? I just want to listen to the music."
He had a look on his face that said I was about the millionth volunteer to ask him this question, and he just shook his head.
We chatted for a bit, and then I just headed home.

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Nov 4 2006 Photos

store window

Purple in a Store Window

cows in store window

Cows in a Store Window


A woman in pink walks her dog

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Friday, November 03, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 3 - The Banquet & Inland Empire

Two volunteer shifts tonight over at the AFI Film Festival .
The first one was for "The Banquet" . I got to go inside and watch the movie.
Gorey and bloody and beautiful.
Like watching a ballet - where everything gets all bloody.

Then my second shift was for David Lynch's Inland Empire .

I was doing ushering again. "The Banquet" was general seating. Inland Empire was assigned seating.
So for my second shift, I had to direct people and tell them where their seats were.

A large group of people showed up. I asked "Can I help you?"
And they just stood there.
I said "Can I see your tickets"
And one lady said "They didn't give us tickets".
And there at the back of their group, was David Lynch himself.
I said "Oh, please wait one moment while I get the manager."
I ran to the manager "David Lynch's Guests are here."
At that point, the manager took over.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

AFI Film Festival Day 2 - Tribute to Penelope Cruz

At the AFI Film Festival , this time at the Arclight Dome Theatre - for a tribute to Penelope Cruz .
The movie was "Volver".

I was doing ushering. That meant I stood in the middle of the theatre, right below the balcony section, and instructed people which way to go for their seating.
We were told to wear out AFI Tshirt with black. I wore a black skirt, with flat shoes.

The event was a ticketed event. Meaning your film festival pass did not get you in.
Here is a helpful hint ... if you are trying to sneak into a Gala event at a film festival - do not sit in a seat over an hour before they start letting the people in.

The theatre was completely empty, and we were not letting people in yet. One woman was sitting there reading a book.
I said "Excuse me. We are not seating people yet. Do you have a ticket ?"
She showed me her pass, which was no good for the event.
I said "Oh, this event is hard-ticketed, and it is assigned seating. So let me show you where to pick up your ticket. Come this way."
And I lead her out the front door, to the guest check-in area - where I knew they weren't going to give her a ticket or let her back in.
But she was no longer my problem.

Then two guys did the exact same thing. And they were escorted out of the theatre.
I don't know how they got let in, in the first place.
If you are going to sneak in some place, go wait in the bathroom until the general public is being seated.

Finally, they opened the doors. And the people came in with tickets for their assigned seats.
It got pretty hectic.
I basically looked at the ticket, and told people which section to head over to. And then there was a volunteer waiting in that section to show them their exact seating.

A nice lady in a business suit came up to me. I looked at her ticket "Oh, yes - you are in the first row of the balcony section.
Right up there." And I pointed.
She just stood there.
I thought - she's not moving, I wonder if she is a VIP.
I said "Oh, would you like me to take you to your seat?"
She said "Yes, take us to our seats."
I said "Right this way", and they followed me.
The woman first, followed by Eva Mendes . Who I just realized was standing behind the woman I was talking to.
I said "Here are your seats."
Eva Mendez (who looked gorgeous) said Thank you.

And just as they were sitting down - I look up.
And there in the same aisle, just a few seats down is Prince .
I was to stunned to say anything, or do anything.
He was dressed in a glittery military looking jacket. And I later joked to friends that he was wearing more make-up than Penelope Cruz.

I said to one of the other volunteers "Did you see Prince?"
And she was all excited too.

Finally the pre-movie speeches were starting and everyone was seated.
I stood to the left side to listen. And Penelope Cruz was just a few feet away from me.
People who spoke were Eva Mendez and Salma Hayek .

I finally decided that I needed to go to the concession stand before the movie started.
I ended up sitting on the right side of the theatre for the movie
Penelope Cruz is wonderful in her role.

In between the Speeches and the movie, there was about a 10 minute intermission.
I sat and watched Prince, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek all sit in the first row of the balcony and chat away during intermission. Looks like the three of them are all buddies.

Okay, it was freezing in the theatre. I practically had ice cycles hanging from my nose.
After the movie was over, I couldn't wait. I had to head out to some where that was warm.
Even tho I saw all the limos in front of The Dome, I needed to get home.
No more star-watching tonight.

Pictures are on
Tribute to Penelope Cruz

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nov 1 2006 Photos

Palm Tree>

Palm Tree in East Hollywood


Looking up

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AFI Film Festival Day 1 - Gala at The Manns Chinese Theatre

The opening night Gala for the AFI Film Festival .
It was the Premier of "Bobby" at the Mann Chinese Theatre .

The volunteers were told to wear all black. And I ended up doing Guest Check-in right on Hollywood Blvd all night.
So I am glad I wore a jacket. It got chilly.

I mainly dealt with the Celebrity's "people". The red carpet was far off to my right. And if I peaked over everyone else, I could see
William H Macy or Freddy Rodriquez giving their interviews on the red carpet.

I had the letters R and S at the check-in table .... so I got to handle Freddy Rodriquez' and Sharon Stones' tickets to be given to their "people".

After all the guests were checked in. I was given a ticket to The Mann 6 Theatres , which was serving as the Overflow Theatre, and was told I could watch the movie over there.

I went into the Mann Chinese and and stood in the back and listened to the speeches.
I heard the Mayor of Los Angeles, mayor Antonio Villaraigosa speak.
And then Harvey Weinsten. And then Emilo Estevez, the director.

In the Chinese Theatre, Emilio Estevez had all the Cast Members come up on the stage.
It was a long line of actors, going across the front of the theatre. Everyone from the cast seemed to be there.

After he was done speaking, I ran over to the Mann 6 Theatres.
I was just in front of Emilo, who was on his way over. But I had to stop at the ladies room, and the concession stand.
I got into the theatre, just as Emilo was finishing his second speech. This time, he did not have any cast members with him.
I thought it was really classy of Emilio Estevez to go give a speech to the overflow theatre as well.

I had a wonderful seat to watch "Bobby" in the overflow theatre at the Mann 6.
I could have squeezed into a seat in the Mann Chinese, but I would have had to crawl over people and be squished against the wall. So I was happy that AFI gave the volunteers tickets to go watch it in the overflow theatre.

I loved the movie "Bobby". Its definitely one my favorites this year. I especially loved the performances of Demi Moore and Helen Hunt.

After the movie was over, I ran back to the Mann's Chinese Theatre, and I hung out in the lobby.
Harvey Weinstein was chatting with people. I briefly thought of going up to say something to him - but I didn't have any idea of what to say.

Also in the lobby, milling about :
Fay Dunaway , Laurence Fishburne , Harry Belafonte .I stood next to Lawrence Fishburn for the longest time. I need to figure out what to say to these people when I run into them!
Movie Stars can be intimidating, so its fun for me to just stand by them and watch.

One of the volunteers said to me "Did you see Heather Graham ?"
I said No.
They said "You were walking up the red carpet right in front of her before the movie started !"
I had no idea, I was just rushing to hear the speakers.

After it was all over, I thought about trying to crash the party over at the Hollywood Roosevelt.
But I was to tired.

I went to the underground parking, and drove up the Garage Cashier.
Even with the Validation that AFI gave to us - my parking was going to cost me $10.
I had been there a really long time.

I dug around in my purse. I could only find $6.
I said to the Cashier "I only have $6 - does that mean I have to go back up to the ATM ?"

The Cashier looked at me "No, you look to tired. I don't want you parking again, and go all the way up to the ATM.
You need to go home and go to bed."

And he let me short pay for my parking with only the $6.

Pictures are here on :

Bobby Arrivals
Bobby Gala

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Christmas Cards !!!!!

I am starting to put some of my photography up on Cafe Press

At this website, there will be Greeting Cards, Postcards, Tshirts, and alot more available - with my original photography..

Of course, I have started with Christmas !

The Christmas cards & tshirts are all right here :
Donna's Christmas Shop .

I will be adding lots more in the next few weeks, so keep checking back !

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween !
Hope you had a fun one !

I spent mine at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood watching Ghostbusters on the big screen.

This has always been one of my favorite movies.

And to add to the fun of the evening, Ray Parker Jr was there.
We watched the original video of the theme song to "Ghostbusters" - and sang along.

"Who ya gonna call ? Ghostbusters ! "

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October 31 2006 Photos
Brewery Brewery Art Walk


Flowers at the Brewery

Brewery - Shed in a Garden

Shed in Garden


You Smell Like Home

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Prestige

I met a friend over at The Arclight Cinemas .

We saw The Prestige .
I especially enjoyed seeing David Bowie in the role he plays. He has always been one of my favorites. And it was great to see him in a role that he was perfect for.

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HOB gospel brunch

Very yummy and fun day.
One of my fellow Egyptian volunteers was given one of the awards at our annual Volunteer party.
He got a gift certificate for four people to the House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch.

I was one of the people who he asked to go with him.
It was a wonderful show of great gospel music.
Along with amazing food. About 6 tables of buffet food.
My favorites were the scrambled eggs, the beef roast and the omelets.
One of my friends really liked the fried chicken and grits.

We got to enjoy the wonderful gospel music of the Clara Ward singers .

After we were done with the Brunch, we walked around the Tower Records on Sunset Blvd.
They are going out of business, and we were looking for sales.

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October 29 2006 Photos

Fantastic Attitude !!!!!

Business is Great


The Stone on Hollywood Blvd


Hollywood Blvd

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