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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Balancing Act

Another volunteer ushering gig, this time over at The Falcon Theatre .
The play is Balancing Act , starring Yeardley Smith.

Its a very funny comedy. Yeardley Smith plays an accountant, who discovers her company is missing funds and the accounting books are off. She goes to her Boss's home to report the problems she has found.
Anyone who works in an office can relate to this comedy - and it is very funny !

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Cinnamon Cat Mousepad

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes by DonnaGrayson

Get this custom mousepad at Zazzle

Cinnamon Cat - Beautiful eyes on a mousepad. Also available on tshirts, coffee mugs, cards and more

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Breakfast and Shopping

I'm back in Studio City this morning.. this time the city has power and there are no traffic problems to get there.

Breakfast at Dupars Restaurant.
I order the Veggie Delight Omelet. Filled with grilled zucchini, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and Parmesan.
When it arrives, it smells absolutely wonderful.
And it was as yummy as it smelled.

I spent my breakfast time, starting to read a really great book.
Great Comedians Talk About Comedy by Larry Wilde.
This book contains wonderful interviews with famous comedians including Woody Allen, Milton Berle, Jack Benny and Phyllis Diller.
During the interviews these outstanding comedians give very interesting information on how they got started in comedy. They share the styles and techniques they use as comedians, and so much more useful information.
This book should definitely be on the "Must Read" list for any actor interested in performing comedy.

After breakfast, I made a grocery shopping trip to Trader Joes ,
since it is in the same shopping center as the restaurant.
I pick up three more bottles of the Trader Joes Cranberry Juices that I have started to love so much.
This time I decide to try the Cranberry Hibiscus Tea Blend.

I also treat myself to the Trader Joes Gingeroos - Ginger Cookies, which have real crystallized Ginger chunks.
Those will go great with the Trader Joes Organic Decaf Chai Green
Ginger is a great spice for improving your health.

After that, it is time for a brief walk, up and down a part of Ventura Blvd.
I take some pictures with my camera, and I will eventually post them on my Flickr account.
These days the Flickr account seems to be running behind, now that I am keeping the blog roughly one week caught-up. I just wish I had more time for internet things.

Great Comedians Talk About Comedy
Omelet Cookbooks
Ginger cookbooks

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Original Pink Rose Print

Pink Rose Poster
Pink Rose Posterby DonnaGrayson
Get this custom print at Zazzle

My original pink rose Print is on Zazzle. Its also available as a Coffee Mug, Mousepad and Greeting Card

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Black-out, Traffic and Baseball

I had to make it from Hollywood to Burbank by 7pm.
I was a volunteer usher over at The Colony Theatre .
So I leave the office by 6pm.
Gee ... that would be plenty of time, don't ya think...

I get on Cahuenga - and it is a parking lot.
We are not moving.
I am thinking "Is it always like this? Do people deal with this every day?"
Because I never really drive from Hollywood into Burbank right after work on a Friday night.

Finally, nearly an hour after leaving the office - I turn right on Franklin east, and jump on the freeway at Argyle.
I exit at Barham, entering all the traffic way at the beginning of the build up.

I see at all the cars behind me, who have just been sitting there while I spun around the long way to get to Argyle.
And these people are not nice. They are irritated from sitting on Cahuenga for over an hour. No one will let me cut in to get over to the right lane.
One guy and an I almost side-swiped eachother.

I am so happy when I finally reached Barham Blvd - and then I realize the problem.
There is a Black-out !
Studio City is entirely dark. Not a single traffic light is working.

As I drive up Olive, I call the Colony Boxoffice. I tell them that there is a black out in Studio City. And traffic is one big parking lot.
I arrive at The Colony 40 minutes late. Thats 7:40 pm.
It took me One hour and 40 minuted to make it from Hollywood to Burbank.

I got there in time to help them hand out programs, and of course help at Intermission.
Just as I walk into the lobby, I hear one theatre patron telling another "Oh, yeah, I can still make phone calls in a black-out, I just can't get on my computer."
An older couple come racing in, and have to wait a few minutes before going into the theatre because the announcements have already started. "We got stuck in that black-out, our entire neighborhood was without power", they tell me.

I actually got complements from the Staff on being very helpful with all the theatre patrons.
But it was just that I was on some sort of adrenaline high from trying to fight all the traffic to get there.

I did get to see the play "Rounding Third".
A very funny story about two guys who coach Little League Baseball.

The people who came to see the play were really into it.
One person wore a baseball jersey.
Another guy brought his kid, for a Father and son night at the Theatre.
The play was very funny. And worth the rush it took me to get there.

LA Times story on power outage
Baseball Books on
Baseball DVDs on

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Cat Postage

Cinnamon the Cat on real Postage for your letters :

Cinnamon the Cat Postage
Cinnamon the Cat Postage by

Get this custom postage at Zazzle

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April 13 2007 Photos

Palm Tree

Palm Tree near The Grove

Palm TreesPalm Trees Across from The Grove

Cinnamon in the Shadows Cinnamon the Cat in the Shadows

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Tie on Zazzle

I am experimenting with making patterns for Ties on my my Zazzle page.

Abstract Design Tie
Abstract Design Tie by DonnaGrayson

Get this custom tie at Zazzle


swirly tie

swirly tie by DonnaGrayson

Get this custom tie at Zazzle


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Back to the Gym

What many people might see as Irresponsibility:
I have a monthly gym membership of $35 automatically deducted from my checking account every month.
And I only go about twice a year.

So yes, the gym is getting all that free money.
But... I don't really see it as wasting money.

First, I see the wasted monthly fee as punishment for not going to the gym that month.
Its my own fault, I signed up on the dotted line years ago. I should be going.
So thats $35 I can't spend on anything else. You would think it would be a good lesson, but it doesn't really sink in.

Second, when I do get the urge to the go to the gym - or a Doctor gets on my case about not exercising like what happened yesterday - the Gym is already there.
All I have to do is back up my gym clothes and go. No problem.

If I didn't have the gym membership: After the doctor told me to exercise, I would spend two weeks on the internet researching the best gym to join. And by that time, I would lose interest and motivation.

So in the long run, it is $35 well spent.

After work today.... off to the gym I go.
After work, all gyms are crowded.
Being surrounded by all those skinny healthy people can be intimidating.
But I paid my money just like everyone else, so I deserve to be there.

I head on over to the Treadmill area. It pretty full except for one or two machines.
There is a really really Hot young guy - buff and muscular - stretching near the machines.
I look at him and ask "Are you in line?"
No, he isn't - so I take the available treadmill.
And I make the note in my head "Benefit of going to the gym: watching hot young muscular guys stretching next to the Treadmills."
hmmm, this might not be so bad after all.

Of course, I am the slowest person on the treadmills.
I put the earphones on my head, and turn into the gym music.
I have also brought a magazine to read. Which also require reading glasses.
So it takes alittle while to get set-up to walk on the treadmill.
And walk I do ... for 20 minutes.
While I look at the magazine and read. And listen to music.
I manage to get up to speed 2.
Not so bad for a first day.

After the treadmill, I feel really invigorated. I want to do more.
I tell myself not to overdo it on my first day. If I injure myself or get too sore, I will just be discouraged.
I go over to the recumbent bicycles anyway.
And I can't figure out how to work them. I think they are all broken.
Besides, I shouldn't be doing more on my first day. Its best that I don't overdo it. So I head on out.
And I say to one of the people at the front desk "Are those low bicycles in the corners not working".
And he explains "You have to pedal first, then punch the button."
Ohhh, okay, now I know for next time.
And there will be a Next Time ...real soon.

New Balance Shoes
Exercise Items

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Humor For A Wednesday

I hate it when people send me those silly chain emails.
I never forward them on. After I read them, I just delete them - no matter what the letter says about an evil curse befalling me.

Today I got one that was actually pretty funny. So I thought I would share some of it.

Things to thing about:

Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV?

Why is "bra" singular and "panties" plural?

If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?

Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere, but call it a haemorrhoid when it's in your butt?

Have a Happy Wednesday !

Jokelopedia: The Biggest, Best, Silliest, Dumbest Joke Book Ever
101 Cat And Dog Jokes
The Everything Kids' Joke Book: Side-Splitting, Rib-Tickling Fun

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The Arthritis Doctor

Among the numerous Specialists that my new Doctor has recommended, was an Arthritis Specialist.
Back in 2005, when I had that full body CT scan due to the Cancer, a little Arthritis showed up in one hip. Well now, in 2007 - it feels like it has moved to both hips. So off to the Arthritis Specialist....

I arrive in his office, and the waiting room is filled with people.
Wall to wall, hardly a place to sit.
After I check in, I find a spot, and hits me, - At home I have a huge stack of unread magazines and another huge stack of unread library books and I did not bring a single one.
So I am going to be sitting there without anything to read.

Thank heavens for my Verizon Cell Phone . Having their internet on the cell phone was and extra $5 a month.
I hardly ever use it. Now it the perfect time.
After reading some news, I end up playing Bubble Ducky.

Over an hour later, the Nurse calls me in.
She takes my blood pressure. "My, you have low blood pressure", she says.
I think - Of course, I do, I have been sitting in the waiting room playing a silly computer game for over an hour !

In the exam room, fully clothed - and I meet Dr. Z, the Arthritis specialist.
He comes in an we chat. And he asks me to point to where my pain it.
He presses really hard on the side of my hips.
"Does that hurt?" he asks..
"yes", I answer. Well, of course it hurts, he is basically punching me in my hips.

He doesn't think that I have Arthritis. It didn't show up in the Xray that my regular Doctor took.
He tells me it is my Sciatic Nerve .
And the problem is that... I need to lose weight.
Sciatic Nerve problems are very common in people who are heavy, and they get worse as you get older.
Because of the extra weight, you end up pinching the nerve.
And thats what I have - a Pinched Sciatic Nerve.

He talks to me honestly about my weight. He was actually very nice about it - but firm.
"Now, a woman might think its unfair and discrimination to be told to lose weight. But if I told you to carry around a sack of potatoes all day, you would feel discriminated against. You wouldn't want to carry around a sack of potatoes all day."
Where did that come from ? I wonder. Maybe a women actually told him she was discriminating against her for mentioning her weight.
I find that most doctors, talk to you based on their past patient interactions.
Well, I didn't think that at all. I mean, its my health we are talking about here.

His advice is to Walk. Do as much walking as possible.
But walk everyday.
If I walk, it will help my sciatic nerve, and build up the muscles in my legs and lower back and abdomen.
"If you can walk an hour, or only 20 or 15 minutes - do whatever you can do, but walk every single day on a regular basis."
Aaah, I tell him "Thats the problem. I can walk on the weekends. But it is the every single day part that is the problem. I can't find time."
He tells me "Consistency. If you can't walk outside. Go to the gym and use the treadmill."
I ask 'What about the bicycles at the gym?"
He tells me the bicycles will build my legs - but its not as good for all the muscles that he wants me to build which is also my lower back muscles. Walking and the Treadmill are still the best.

And he tells me to wear good, cushioned athletic shoes.
I ask if he has a brand he prefers.
And he tells me he recommends New Balance Shoes.

I also ask about the way I sleep on the bed. And I want to eventually buy a new bed.
Yes, my bed can contribute to my leg problems.
He tells me a firm bed is the best. With a mattress pad for softness.
And he tells me about putting a bed board under my current mattress.
But I am planning to buy a new bed. Its about time for that any way.

As we leave, he tells me that I am completely healthy, except for my weight.
He seems very relieved and says "Its so nice to actually have a healthy patient for once."

Well... its nice to actually have a doctor tell me that I am healthy for once.
I usually don't get to hear that.

New Balance Shoes

Books on Walking:
Walking: The Ultimate Exercise For Optimum Health
Walk Away the Pounds : The Breakthrough 6-Week Program
Fitness Walking for Dummies

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pink Tree Mousepad

You can order my original photo of these beautiful pink trees, as a mousepad

pink trees mousepad
pink trees mousepad by DonnaGrayson

Get this custom mousepad at Zazzle

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Knut The Polar Bear

The Cute Knut photo montage on
The polar bear born in Germany.
Such a cutie !

The Berlin Zoo also has pictures of Knut from right when he was born. (The website is in German tho.)

Wikipedia page on Knut

Polar Bear Books on

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Dancing with the Stars Wars

I am still into "Dancing With the Stars" .

As for tonights episode, image a 40-something year old chubby lady, standing directly in front of her TV-set in her pajamas with little yellow ducky's on them ... and shouting : "That is soooo COOL ! That is way SO way cool !"
.... as she watches Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson dance to "Star Wars" music.

Yup, that was me this evening....
That dance was so cool !

Click here for more "Star Wars" Music

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Cinnamon the Cat Coffee Mug

Cinnamon the Cat sticks out her tongue

Cinnamon the Cat Mug
Cinnamon the Cat Mug by DonnaGrayson
Get this custom mug at Zazzle

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Farmers Markets links

If you are in California, and are looking for Farmer's Markets to buy your veggies at, I have found a few links

California Federal of Certified Farmers Markets
Farmer Net
Local Harvest has information for the entire US

I guess with Spring here, I have fresh produce on my mind....

Vegetable Cook Books

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Shoppping and Cooking

I have been trying to cook early in the week. That way I have something healthy in the fridge for lunch during the week.

Tonight I stopped at Mayfair Market in Los Feliz.
They have Free Range Chicken there.
Then I went home, and cooked two chicken breasts with spices.

Then I made the Near East Pecan & Garlic whole grain blend rice.
And I mixed it with brussel sprouts and chopped red bell peppers.

A very healthy selection for lunch this week.

Healthy Cookbooks

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cross and Clouds

My Cross and Clouds Photo is available as a Greeting Card.

cross and clouds card
cross and clouds by DonnaGrayson

Get this custom card at Zazzle

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Easter Movies

I have been over at The Arclight Theatres so often, and every time I use their blue card.
So I have been racking up the points.
I think I have enough points on the card for three free movies.
So I used my "Two for one", and saw a double feature today.

Blades of Glory in the Dome
immediately followed by The Last Mimzy ... which was my free ticket

"Blades of Glory" was hysterical. Both Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are perfect together.
The minute they perform together, the movie is so funny.

The Last Mimsy is an interesting movie that mixes a Childrens Story, with futurist sci-fi and New Age ideas.

So for movies to watch on Easter, these were both were perfect comedies for the afternoon.

Movie links:
Blades of Glory Official Movie Site
The Last Mimzy Official Movie Site
Ice Skating Movies on Amazon
Movies for The Kidson

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Sunday April 8 2007 Photos - Happy Easter !
Happy Easter Happy Easter

flowers Beautiful flowers

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Happy Easter

On Easter Sunday, I know how important it is to get to Church early.
Mainly to find a parking place.
So I told myself I would get there at 10 minutes before the service started.
Well, I was 5 minutes late to Hollywood Presbyterian .
Because I was late, I had to sit way up in the balcony - because the rest of the church was full.

Part of the reason I was late, was trying to figure out what to wear.
The weather has been so weird - and for Easter Sunday it was pretty cold.
To cold for a Easter-y floral sundress.
So what to wear ?

In my closet was a dress I bought on the Internet nearly two years ago. In the catalog, it looked sexy enough for a night out.
But when it arrived it wasn't sexy, and it was actually kind of weird looking.
I thought the color was going to be cranberry from the catalog - but its a weird dark mauve/fuchsia shade - a color that I don't think I have ever seen before.
Plus, on top there are a few black sequins.
I only kept it because it fit me. But I can never figure out where to wear it.

So I finally decided to wear it to church. The weird mauve fuchsia color is fine for Easter.
As for the black sequins - well, this is Hollywood. I can get away with sequins in church.

So I sat up in the balcony, and it was a lovely service.
The Cathedral Choir sang a selection from Puccini's "Gloria" .
The Mass Choir sang "O, The Blood" .
And the Cathedral Bells performed - which I just loved.
If you ever get to hear a performance by a Bells Choir, I recommend it. It is all bells of every size and tone, and it just beautiful.

Easter Music on

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