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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Someone Found My Stuff

No one ever calls me at 7:25 am. Everyone I know is asleep at that time on a Saturday morning.
The Caller ID said the 323 area code, so I figured it was one of my neighbors in the building calling about the letter I put on everyone's door yesterday.
When I woke up about 9:00-ish, I got the message.

It was a woman who said she had found an envelope with a bunch of my paperwork in it. It has my address and phone number but she states she didn't look at any of it. Some of it looked important, and she wanted to get it to me.
She lived in Echo Park. She tried to give me her phone number to call her back - but she couldn't remember her home phone (?). She keep messing up the last few numbers. So she gave me her cell phone number.

I called her. "Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate this. I would really like to come pick these papers up."
She said "Well, some of them look very important. I was wondering how you lost these."
I replied "My car was broken into. They took a whole bunch of junk out of the car, including the papers"
We made plans to meet at her house at 11 am. Currently she said she was out having breakfast with her sister-in-law.

At 11 am, I find myself driving into Echo Park - into the hills that are North of Sunset Blvd. A tiny little road. If a car comes from another direction - one of you have to pull over to let the other one pass. No sidewalks. Very nice houses.
Rustic Echo Park.
The road is so little and narrow, and I'm near the end of a cliff. I ask a bald-headed biker type if he knows where the street I am looking for is. He is watering the lawn and trees around his property.
"Keep going, you'll see it." He says.

I finally find an address close to the number I am looking for. A fancy house, way up on a steep slope of a hill.
That person has to carry groceries up the side of the hill, all the way up those steep steps to get the groceries into their house.
I stop in the car in front of the house, and call the woman on my cell phone.
"Hi, its Donna. I am at "Number Such & Such" on your street. Where is your house?"
She says "Oh, I can see you from my window. Your in a convertible, right. I will be right out."

From the very nice large rustic house across the street, walks a woman, late 40s or early 50s, very nice casual sweater and slacks.
Obviously who has some money in the bank, the way her hair is and her clothes are. She looks like she would be a professional business woman. I am guessing working in a Bank, or maybe a Human Resources Professional. She has a cute little cocker spaniel
type dog with her.

She has in her hand a Manila envelope that was in the trunk of my car. I recognize it as the envelope that I had some copies of my medical records.
I say "Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate this. This is so great that I am getting this back."
I look in the envelope. It is just not my medical records from my trunk. It is papers that were in the glove compartment.
It is my acting 8x10s that had been organized in the plastic binder.
Its is anything personal from my car.
But now it is all neatly enclosed in this one Manila envelope.
"This is really weird", I think.

I thank her profusely again.
She says "Some of those papers looked really important. I saw you car registration in there. But I didn't look at the papers - I just got your phone number from them. How did you lose such important papers?"
She seems very interested in the "How".
I point to the top of my convertible. The soft upholstery top hanging down where the thief made his slash with his knife.
"Someone broke into my car the other night. They went through and took a bunch of stuff. These papers, and mainly junk. Well, the key-card to my office. But they mainly got just junk."
She is leaning in and looking at the slash, her eyes wide with interest.

I had thought about asking her more details on where she found it. I had thought about giving her some cash for her trouble, even though she really didn't need it.
But I didn't care at this point. Something was hitting me funny, I just wanted to be gone. She knew enough about me from the papers and I just wanted out of there.
So I said "Thank you" again. And I drove off.

I figured I would mail her a Thank You card with a small gift certificate to a bookstore in it. So as not to be ungrateful for her effort. Maybe she was just a Good Samaritan. An innocent bystander. Doing a good deed.

I looked at the Manila envelope. It was totally clean, in the same condition it had been in my car. All of my paperwork and information neatly tucked into the envelope. Nice and organized.

I am pretty sure it had been kids who broke into my car. I mean, they took a plastic binder and a bottle of hand-lotion. Along with my paperwork. (But not my denim jacket. Maybe they have enough nice clothes already.)
I just don't think kids would put all my paperwork neatly in the Manila envelope and leave it where someone could find it.
They would just trash it. Unless they read my medical records and freaked out.
But - an adult would put everything neatly into an envelope. Its strange.

I decided to make a stop at my bank. I drove to Studio City .
I told the Customer Service Rep what happened to my car.
"I still have the ATM/Debit card. But I can't remember if there were any receipts in my trunk."
Her advice was to cancel this card, and get a new one. I got some cash for the weekend.
I then went to Good Earth Restaurant . I felt like breakfast. I told myself if I found street parking right on Ventura Blvd, I would then eat at a restaurant.
With the hole in my roof, I wasn't parking in a back lot.

New HandbagOnce inside Good Earth, the Host made a fuss about my purse. He loved the kitty-cat design. He has a friend who loves cats,and he wanted to know where I got it.
I leaned over and whispered "Kmart".
"No!" he couldn't believe it. "How much?" he asked.
"Around Ten bucks I replied".
He kept feeling the purse, its a really nice vinyl.
I told him "Kmart has some nice stuff."

I relaxed, had breakfast and paged through the LA Weekly .

Stopped off at Pep Boys . I thought they would have beige upholstery tape for convertible. But no, they have no upholstery tape in stock. Only break-light tape, and hose tape. Basically it seems like if you have problems with the upholstery of your car - don't go to an auto repair place.
I stopped at Rite Aid and got some clear duck tape.
At home, I patched up the roof with the duct tape until I can get it fixed.

Then I pulled apart my Manila envelope. The car registration the woman had noticed was buried within the stack of paperwork.
So she had pretty much seen all the paperwork.
And then, at the very bottom of the stack. My Employee ID. Gee, I work for a music company. The thieves didn't think they could use this somehow ? Kids. But the key-card that was attached is gone.

I talked to some friends about the incident. I can't help but wonder if she knows the person who did this. Her son ? Her nephew ? (She was having breakfast with her sister-in-law.) She was so interested in "How" these papers got lost.
It made me wonder if she is trying to figure out what her son or nephew is up to. Maybe her sister-in-law found the papers in the trash. Maybe she suspects he is up to trouble and is trying to figure it all out.
But it is all just my active imagination. My suspicions. No proof.

I feel like a Detective. And I am not very good at detective work. I've got a bunch of the papers back, and thats all I care about. I want this episode over and done with.

Chances are she is a Good Samaritan who found the envelope laying around somewhere.
I will mail her a Thank You card, and maybe a gift certificate to a bookstore.
And then I will forget about the whole thing.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Rest of My Day

After I left the doctors, I decided I needed to go home and get my laptop. I was afraid the thieves would try my apartment once they realized my car was not in the parking space.

If I could have taken Cinnamon the Cat to work with me, I would have done that too.

Thats what is boils down to. Whats important.
The Cat.
The Laptop.

Everything else in my apartment is either cheap or old. I don't have any "high end" gizmos.
Nothing with any emotional attachments.
Okay, maybe the picture of Jesus that hangs above the couch. My Aunt painted it about 10 years before I was born, in 1948.
When my Dad died, my Mom was trashing all the family stuff. I called and said "Don't throw out the picture of Jesus."
My Aunt saw it hanging in my apartment once "Its terrible. His hands are to small. I'll paint you another one."
Thats not the point. It is something from my childhood.

But... if something happened to Cinnamon the Cat, I would be devastated.
I was so worried leaving her.

When I got to the office, my boss had a new key-card for me.
I called the LAPD and they took a police report over the phone.
I would have to go down to Parker Center to get the car fingerprinted.
My boss told me to go ahead and leave for the day and get it done. I decided to just stay at work.

I tried to find an Auto upholstery place thats opened on the weekends. But no such luck.
I called the DMV about getting a copy of my registration, and I have to go down there too.

After all that was done, I tried to work.
I am missing to much time due to my Radiation Treatments. And now my car.
The paperwork is starting to pile up.
And I needed a distraction.

What I did do is take the time to write a letter to all the other tenants in my building.
It basically said my car had been broken into, and that everyone needs to stop propping the doors opened in our security building.
Especially the security door that leads to the underground parking. Everyone sticks a chair in front of it because they are to lazy to use their key.

As I got home, my landlord came and looked at the damage on my car. He is changing the clicker to the parking gate.
And he is changing the locks on my apartment.
Guess what ? My car is the second car to be broken into this week.

Then, going up to my apartment, I ran into another tenant. I told her what had happened. She was busily propping the security door to the parking opened. I told her that the door need to stay locked, and she needs to use her key.
This was her stupid reply: "Well, I think if we leave the doors opened, then someone won't break into the cars. They will be to worried about someone seeing them if the door is wide opened."
I told her : "If someone gets into the parking area, then if the door is opened and unlocked, then they can go upstairs and rob our apartments."
She just looked at me.

I made a point to distribute my letter to all the tenants by leaving it in their door. I hope no one else is thinking like this woman.

Well, I pretty much quit drinking because of the breast cancer. Only one glass of wine since July, and that was after the Cinematheque Al Pacino Tribute .
Tonight it was my favorite Chinese Food, and a beer thats been sitting in the fridge since before July.
Anything to help me relax.

Friday's Doctor

So after my Yucky ride in my vandalized car ... I arrive at the Doctor's only 5 minutes late.
(As I drive the dang slash in the convertible roof makes all sorts of flapping noises.)

The doctor sees me before my Radiation Treatment.
The thing is, after feeling crappy all week long - I am now buzzed on adrenaline from discovering my car being broken into.
One of the technicians even says "You look alot better today."
So I explain the entire thing to the doctor and the technicians so they understand its adrenaline, not me.

My doctor and I talk. With a nurse in the room, because I have the little hospital gown on.
I make sure he understands how yucky I am feeling.

He examines my breast and my radiation burns, which aren't to bad. I ask him about a little brown spot I see, because I am worried about skin cancer. Skin cancer, not Breast Cancer, actually runs in my family.

I ask him about the "Boost" at the end. Last time he said a minimum of 3 boost treatments. I tell him thats all I want, no more.
He said "No its a minimum of 5 treatments." Thats not what he said last time. Maybe I need to tape record these appointments.

The he says "One of the technicians said you are complaining about stomach problems."
Okay .... I complained about stomach problems directly to him at my last appointment.
But I guess it carries more weight if the Technicians notice it.
So I go over the whole thing again... about how I think the radiation is killing my intestinal flora, and I am having to eat yogurt everyday. And thats probably why I have a bladder infection.

He says they have an idea. The are going to lessen the field size of the radiation treatment.
He doesn't think any radiation is getting into my stomach. But just in case they are going to make the field smaller.
He is looking at one of the CAT scan images.

What ?!?!? The radiation is only supposed to hit only breast tissue. Not any other tissue.
Why am I so stupid to believe these doctors?

When I go in for my radiation treatment, they have to re-set the margins of the radiation beam.
They are making it 1 and 1/2 smaller. Is that inches? Or millimeters? They don't say.
They are shortening the length that hits below the breast. Towards my stomach.
This is scary.

Well, at least he did something. At least he thought enough of my complaints to shorted the length of the beam.
But now the entire thing has me pretty much worried.

My Car Gets Vandalized

So from about 4pm-ish last night after I had my radiation treatment, to 10 am-ish this morning when I had to leave to see the doctor, I was in bed with my laptop and Cat.
Resting. Reading. Blogging. Being at one with the Universe.
And basically trying to fight off the awful effects of the Radiation Treatment they were giving me due to the Breast Cancer.
Trying to get some energy back.

Well, as I was doing that, someone was in our underground parking breaking into my Car.

At about 10-ish, I went downstairs to the underground parking. I had an 11am Doctors appointment.
I really wanted to see him because I have been feeling so awful.

I open the Trunk of my car to put my bag in it - the bag with the address book, snacks, water, whatever else I usually throw in.

The entire contents of the Trunk have been pulled apart. Even the spare tire has been moved.
All I had in there was 1 sport jacket, 1 denim jacket, bottle of motor oil, 2 waters, - you know junk.
It was all still there, just jumbled up.
I see that the black portfolio with my acting pictures in is missing. Its just a plastic thing I got at the drug store.

At this point, I am still in denial that anything strange is happening. I am thinking that the parking attendant at work messed with my trunk and I just didn't notice it.

I look around the car, and I don't see anything.

So I get into the car and thats when I notice light coming from the roof of my 1995 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible.
I look - and the convertible top has been slashed on the passengers side.
They plunged a knife into the top of the car.

I made the mistake of keeping things in the car.
The DMV Registration & paperwork in the glove compartment. Missing
My key-card to get into the high-rise building where I work. Missing
My "clicker' thingy to get out of the underground apartment parking. Missing.
A bottle of Aloe Vera hand lotion. Missing. huh ?

They took a bottle of hand lotion, and a cheap portfolio.
But they left my denim jacket, and a Deepok Chopra Tape.

They probably took registraton and paperwork to look for credit card numbers.

They probably didn't try the car because there was a Club on it. But I hadn't locked the Club.
They could have taken it off. And taken the car.

I call the Radiation Dept, and tell them I am running late.

I call my landlady to tell her what happened. I start to drive off, then I realize I don't have a clicker-thingy to get out of the parking gate.
I have to go upstairs, and get one from the Landlady.

I get into the car, and as I am driving away, I am thinking how Icky this all is.
Icky that someone else was in my car, helping themselves to my stuff.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Silly Doctors and Scary Pills

Well, the Radiology doctor took a few days to call me back. They paged him on Tuesday, he called me back on Thursday morning.
By Thursday's phone call, he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

Because on Wednesday I stopped off at my Regular Doctor's to get a prescription. He gave me one for Cipro .
The Radiology Dept had faxed him over the test results. He would only talk about the bladder infection with me.
Whenever I would mention anything about the radiation therapy, he would just smile and chuckle like Santa Claus. I expected him to go "Ho Ho Ho" any second.
I guess that was his way of not stepping on the toes of another doctor. He didn't want to discuss anything that another doctor was handling.
And, much to my regular doctors credit, he did not mention a word about chemotherapy. I am sure he knows going through the radiation is hard enough, and he didn't want to upset me right now.
For that, I was grateful. I was happy to just get my prescription and leave.

Have you ever read those hand-outs that Rite Aid puts in the bag with the pills ?
Dern it - that is the scariest piece of literature I have ever read !
Not only can the side effects be an upset stomach, diarrhea and heart palpitations. But seizures, hearing unexplained voices, nightmares and thoughts of suicide.
What fun.
I have to stay away from antacids and calcium, or the Cipro won't work.
And I have to stay away from caffeine, because Cipro will intensify the caffeine.

Its no wonder after reading this, that I didn't want to take the dang pill.
I was wondering if I could fight this off with cranberry juice only.

But I was starting to feel pretty sick. Week and tired. And just plain icky.
I thought maybe my anemia was coming back, so I had beef for dinner and beef for lunch. But I still felt week.
I called my Radiation Doctor again. I told him I was really afraid of coming in for my radiation treatment today.
I asked him if we can lower the radiation dosage, because I feel so sick.

He swore up and down that it was the bladder infection making me feel sick. And if I took the antibiotics, then in a few days I would feel fine.
He swore the radiation would not make me feel this way.

He said "Take them now and over the weekend. If you don't feel better by Monday, we'll think of something else."

Okay, I took the scary pill.
And I lived to write this blog.

But it did upset my tummy.
And I can't take an antacid.
Oh, if its not one thing, its another.

Chewing gum, I advise the technicians that I was feeling awful today.
There was a trash can for the gum right by the door to the radiation room.
I managed to lie still for the radiation treatment.
And I didn't feel any more sick afterwards.

I just took the rest of the day off from work.
And I went home, and crawled into bed with Cinnamon and my laptop.

Let Me Entertain You

Superman Trailer is Here and other movie trailers too

Clint Eastwood to Receive Producers Guild Award
Anthony Hopkins to Receive Golden Globe Honor

Check out Lost-Media for the latest on my favorite TV show, Lost.
I just loved the episode last night which told the story of the other survivors.

Here's something that should keep you entertained for hours ...
Jesus of The Week
I personally think Jesus must have a great sense of humor.

And hey, I'm alittle slow ... I just started figuring out Newreaders, so I can read all my favorite blogs very quickly. If you are as behind as I am, a really easy online reader to use is Bloglines

Quote for the Day

There are no passengers on this spaceship Earth ....
We are all the crew.

- Author Henry Cloud
9 Things You Simply Must Do

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Computer Psalm 23

Just read this last night:

Psalm 23 For Computer People

The Lord is my Programmer, I shall not crash.
He installed His software on the hard disk of my heart.
All of His commands are user friendly.
His Directory guides me to the right choices for His name's sake.
Even though I scroll through the problems of life,
I will fear no bugs, for He is my backup.
His password protects me.
He prepares a menu before me in the presence of my enemies.
His help is only a keystroke away.
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me, all the days of my life.
And my file will be merged with His and Saved Forever.

In God's Presence by Liz Babbs

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm sick

There's nothing like walking in for your daily radiation treatment, and having two male technicians ask you:
"Do you feel alright ? You look sick".

I said, "No, I don't feel good. My stomach was a mess again last night, total acid. My neck is all tender today. I feel feverish and run down. Are you sure you give me the same dosage of radiation every day ? You didn't give me extra yesterday, did you?"

They swore up and down that it is the same dose of radiation every day.

As I was lined-up under the machine, I picked the technicians brain about why I was feeling the way I was.
I mentioned the urine test I got on Friday, and maybe I have a bladder infection.
He said exactly what the doctor has been saying to me "If you have a bladder infection, its highly unlikely it is caused by the radiation."

When I got home, I did a search on the interent, and here's what I found .
You know, all you have to do is type in "Radiation Bladder Infection" into Yahoo - and I've got all sorts of information.

Those liars.

So after the radiation treatment was over, I went and saw the nurse.
The Flu is going around my office - so that is also a possibility.
She took my temperature. No, I didn't have a temperature.

I asked her "Do you get the results from the urine-alysis you ordered on Friday?"

No, she didn't have the results. So she called over to the Lab and had them fax it over.

"Oh, yes, there is something showing on the results. The doctor will have to call you. Do you have your pharmacy phone number?" She said.

"Whats on the results ? Is it a bladder infection ? Is it bad or mild ?" I said.

She ignored me. "The doctor will call you. Whats your cell phone number?"

Well, the doctor didn't call me.
I called them at 4:30, and they had all left for the day.
So I didn't get a prescription for antibiotics today.
And I am mad.
When the doctor calls he's going to get an ear-ful.

We have to remember I have only one kidney. A bladder infection is not an option.

I was going to volunteer tonight and tomorrow at the Egyptian. Celebrities will be there, and it will be fun.
I called and canceled my volunteer shifts. I will have to stay home and rest until this ordeal is over with.

I just stopped at the store, and bought even more Cranberry drink.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sinful Confessions

Ok, I have a confession to make. I sinned.
If you see last Fridays entry, you will see I went to Whole Foods And did grocery shopping.

So there I am - a refrigerator full of organic food.

And what did I do on Sunday afternoon ? I went to Fatburger .
A fatburger (no cheese - ever) and onion rings.
At least I drank water with it - no soda.

My first fast food since being diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July.
Funny, back when I used to eat junk on a regular basis, I could hardly finish half an order.
This time I ate the entire thing. And It tasted so good.

Before I could even finish it, I could feel the salt and fat taking effect. I was bloating up as I sat there with half a hamburger still in my hand.
I felt drugged. My system hasn't had anything this toxic in months.

Needless to say, after I finished it I had to take a 15 minute nap.
Thats how out of it I was.

You know, I even had organic grass-fed hamburger meat in my freezer. But no, it had to be Fatburger.

Then while I was at the movies Sunday night, noticed my left hand - the side where they removed my 6 lymph nodes - was alittle swollen.
Weird, because I usually don't have a problem with that. And I didn't remember doing anything that would cause it to swell.

So this afternoon I go in for my Radiation Treatment.
The technician asks me how I am feeling.
"Oh, okay - but my left hand is swollen."

She asks right away "Did you eat alot of salt over the weekend?"

I confessed my Fatburger sin to the technician.

She had me figured out.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Coffee Conversations

Another evening of volunteering over at the Egyptian Theatre . Tonight, the movie was Holy Lola . A French film about a French couple who try to adopt a Cambodia child.

I helped out in the front of the theatre, then I went in to watch the movie.

When I came out they told me there was a friend there looking for me. I haven't seen this person in close to a year.
We keep emailing saying we'll get together, and we never do.
I met up with him in the lobby. He was planning on going to a party at a restaurant nearby.

I was really tired. The Radiation Treatments are getting to me. And I just needed a nap. Not to mention, I had a low-grade headache.
But since I hadn't seen this person in a while I suggested we run out for coffee.
I asked "Are you waiting for friends? Is your party starting right away?"
The answers were No to each.

So we walked on over to Starbucks . As we walked over, he got a cell phone call and made a cell phone call.
Before I knew it, we were being joined by one of his friends, and a friend of that friend.
(I swear he must have a tracking device on him so people can find him.)

Oh, I was so not in the mood for this.
I was tired, and headach-y, and just didn't feel like socializing with people I really didn't know.
Since I hadn't seen him in so long, I had been looking forward to a nice conversation over coffee with just him.

His friends arrived. And we sat outside.
Then I realized I was the only one out of the four of us who had actually ordered a coffee.
Okay, now I am definitely not in the mood for this.
I waited about 15 minutes, when I just couldn't stand it any more and said "Sorry guys, its getting to cold out for me."

Everyone stood up in unison to go.
Like I had announced "Time to Go" - instead of excusing myself like I did.
I guess no one else wanted to be there either. They so quickly got up to leave.

Then, I thought about it on the drive home.
I wonder if I have become the "poor friend with cancer".
Like maybe if he had explain to his friends "I am meeting my friend Donna, who has been going through cancer. She wants to go to Starbucks to talk, so lets make her happy."

It was just weird that we went out to coffee like I wanted.
No one else ordered coffee.
And when I wanted to leave, everyone jumped up to leave.
I kind of felt alittle bit "patronized".
Not to mention that I wasn't in the mood to socialize.

Sunday Morning Lessons

My little furry alarm-clock woke me up on time this morning - that would be Cinnamon the Cat .
I had already given her breakfast and then I went back to bed. But oh no, she wanted me awake and up.

Even with Cinnamon pouncing on me, and meow-ing, I still managed to run late for church.
Well, I was out later than usual last night. So its hard for this 40-something year old body to move after those hours.

I visited Ecclesia Hollywood , on Santa Monica Blvd.
This is actually a church that formed after all the problems over at Hollywood Presbyterian
happened. Some of the congregation left to start their own church.

I was never really sure if I wanted to check it out. But one of the Egyptian Volunteers used to go to Hollywood Pres, and as a matter of fact, we were in the church membership class together. When I ran into him a few nights ago, he said he was going to be at Ecclesia this Sunday. So I figured it would be a good time to visit.

The church is meeting in a nice new building. And I had no trouble finding street parking.
But just like I told my friend, the congregation seems alittle young for me. He agreed, because he is about my age. He also said that it seemed unusually young today, and he hasn't noticed that on other Sundays.

I really got alot out of the Sermon. So on that note, I might be interested in visiting again.

The entire thing was about God's Plans for your Life. That when we are making plans for our lives, we need to remember to include God.
Here's a quote:

What Is your Life?
When you plan - involve the Designer
When you build - involve the Rock
When you invest - invest in the Eternal.

James 4:13-17
"...whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”
"Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”

Proverbs 16:3
Put your works into the hands of the Lord, and your purposes will be made certain.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose


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