Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1974 to 1975
Sophmore Year - High School



We Can Trust Our Course

Trying to exist together
and still keep our individuality
The timeman in your head
thinks of the unwanted possiblity
If it begins to bother you
think how the whole thing will end
You are loved by the multitudes
I won't be the cause for your end

We can trust our course
To take us down
a sunlit avenue
There are no worries
We'll exist in a brilliant
sunlit hue

As a wizard, use your magic
The only place that your
music can last
The one galaxy of elegance
Locked in yourself so shy
If you don't won't to be let out
I promise I won't ask why

We can trust our course
To take us to
the new present
Where nothings animated
A time where your music
is always meant

Copyright Donna Grayson

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