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Who knows, Maybe I was humming and writing when I was in the womb.
The earliest poems and song lyrics that I still have are from when I was around 10 years old (1968 ish).

I think I was writing even before then, but those were lost somewhere in the last 40 years. I remember forming a "band" with my little sister and two nephews when I was in 6th grade, and I remember some pieces of the songs we made-up. But I didn't keep any of them.
And I remember mailing alot of love poems to Donny Osmond. But then when I was an older teenager, thinking they were silly and tossing them out. So all of those are gone for good.

My main writings have always come from singing. I have always made up song lyrics as I sang along. And they have always taken the form of verse/chorus. I seemed to catch that concept early on.

I do write spoken word poetry, but not as often. And writing poetry for the spoken word only, seems to be something I did while going through alot of teen angst. If I try to sit down and do it today, I am always looking to insert a bridge or chorus.

Since singing along, and making up songs was something I have always done, this is how many of the lyrics of my CD came about. But, of course, when I gave the lyrics to a seasoned musician, alot of the times they sounded better with a different melody. Thus, Checking Out the Guys which was originally a folk song, when given to Dan Orias became very 1980s in the style of the Go-Gos. And "In Touch With the Earth" which was originally also folksy, Josh Toering wrote as an alternative rock song...

So the question became, what to do with all those Song Lyrics and Poems that have been sitting the house around since 1968 when I was 10 years old ?

Oh, the wonders of the Internet....
This has been a labor of love to put these up on the internet for people to read.I hope you enjoy them. They vary in every style, shape and form.

Some are silly, some upbeat, some really depressing, some loving, some stupid, some horribley dreadful, some amazingly good, .... and some completetly shocked me when I re-read them all these years later.

So here are the Poems and Song Lyrics that never made it to music.
I hope you enjoy my writings.


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