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Unrequited Love

All the dreams I have dreamt of you
Everything I planned to do to you
You are missing some fantastic nights
French kissing close under the moonlight
Long caresses under the setting sun
You are missing a wonderful time, my unrequited love

If you knew what you're missing
You'd let our love start
But you don't know what you are missing
If you did, you wouldn't break my heart

All the wonderful nights I had planned
In the hopes it would make you my man
The lace teddys I bought but will never wear for you
Champagne by the fireplace, soft music on the stereo
Long backrubs, games in the hot tub
You are mising a wonderful time, my unrequited love

I have always wanted to be alone with you
But my fantasies will never come true

Copyright Donna Grayson

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