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Time passes by, I don't count the hours
Days fly by, I don't notice the time
All my life I have been waiting
This time its real, and you are mine

After spring is done blooming flowers
Even after summer has faded away
Tho fall leaves drop by the hour
And winters snow all drifts away

The calendars pages, they just keep turning
And it all flies by so very fast
Its amazing how the seasons keep changing
But our love was always meant to last

The years time, doesn't make a difference
The months fade, our love remains the same
The weeks are pleasure each and every moment
Our love just gets better each and every day

You must know, I will always love you
You must know, I will never go away
You must know, I'm always thinking of you
And I love you stronger each and every day

Song lyric version copyright Donna Grayson and Josh Toering

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