Donna Grayson
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Poems from 1978 to 1988




You don't have to feel sorry for me
It just makes me feel sorry for you
You and I are used to playing games
And we've played them way to much

Now we're tired of fooling around
Maybe its time to settle down
Look at our lives
And get alittle serious

Don't look at me like that
I'm not the one who's blind
I've lived in Heaven
Before I live in this time
And I can tell
Its time to get serious

Please put both feet on the ground
Look me staight in the eye
Tell me about your other lives
Who did you know?
What did you do?
Where you serious then?
And did you ever think you'd be here?

I think its time to sort things out
Because I'm worried about you
Which only makes you worry about me
Don't worry, I've lived cotton candy before
Don't worry, I've been hurt before
I've never been out of place
But I've been to Spain, Greece, Heaven and Hell
So don't feel sorry
Don't worry

Time will take its time
laughing us down
Earth will pass away
While you and I play our games
So see, its time to get serious
touch a star
go to God
live our dream
and fall in love

Copyright Donna Grayson

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