Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1976 to 1977
Senior Year - High School




I can just keep thinking
till my heads about to burst
I can keep on running
to try to get there first
But my mind and legs are giving out
and I can feel my thirst
for what I'm running to

I can run into an alley
and fall flat on my face
But just get back up to run again
and fall in another place

I can run all I want to run
I can run away from something
I can run all I want to run
But this is running into something

There's a knot in my stomach
I'm biting my nails
I'm pretending theres a reason
for being here
I'm thinking of what I could have done
to make it all work better

Wild horses couldn't have kept me
from trying
My palms are sweating
Where are you ?
I'm trying to think
but I need to see you

This is running into something
I've run into before
This is running in slow motion
with no real place to go
Until you take a stand

Copyright Donna Grayson

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