Donna Grayson
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Story of the Office Mail Girl

In the morning
a "Good Morning"
isn't enough to say to you
I am constantly thinking
of something bright and funny
to say
the next time
I pick up your mail

But the sight of you
my mind goes blank
my hands shake
my mouth goes dry
and I just want to be with you

When the time comes
to see you
deliver your mail to you
I run upstairs
to hand you your mail
But the same thing happens
all over again
I just freeze

All you do is take the mail
and maybe say thank you
then you go back to business
It is obvious you don't know
I want to be with you

But most of the time
I manage to walk away
because I saw you again
and it gives me hope
that someday soon
you will notice me
as I hand you the morning mail

Copyright Donna Grayson

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