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Love Letters To You

Your news hit me like a bomb
I was not sure I could fake looking strong
My stomach all tied up in knots
Did I hear you right or not
So I cry
And I beg
I can't believe you're leaving me

I plot and I plan my way back to your heart
When you're around, my life gets dropped
I spend all my spare time with you
In hopes my heart gets through to you
And I write
Love letters to you

You say your're surprised how well it is all going
But I can't live with uncertainty, not knowing
My future held in limbo
A big secret no one can know
And I write
Love letters to you

Then the hurts, and fights, all so unneccessary
All I can do is stand there and get teary
There no reason to wake up each day
Now that you have gone away
I can cry and wail
Its all to no avail
I can't believe you're leaving me

You decide this has to change
You do the talking, its not my way
You do everything to make it real hard
We fight, we scream,
I can't believe you're hurting me
I can't believe you've become so mean
You're meaner than the IRS
yet you insist that I'm the witch
Well, my soul is saved
So I'll act as shitty as I want
I can't believe you're leaving me

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