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A Movie Star

Not the same lyrics as Movie Stars , the song that made it on my CD. But in the same thought pattern.

To look at me you'd think
I was the same as any other girl
But my hopes and dreams are to be
famous in this world
I want to see my name in lights
Be seen on the town every night
I want to be a Movie Star

My boss yells to type this and file that
When I am rich and famous
I won't put up with that
I just work this job to pay the rent and bills
The first chance to get away you know I will
A Movie Star

They say settle down and have a bunch of kids
If I did that I know I'd flip my lid
Finding a husband, not worth the hay
if a guys good looking he's married or gay
I want to be a Movie Star
A Movie Star

Copyright Donna Grayson

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