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I should strive to be like Buddha
Live like Christ
Enlighten my soul
Go deep inside
Purity of a mystic
Become one with the unknown
Its to much to think about
I'd rather gaze in a store window

Oh, if I could buy all that I see
I would gain true salvation for my soul
It enlightening to the highest power
Windowshopping at the Mall

Why should I try to attain
Eternal life for my soul
When all I need to obtain
Is contained
in the store window

I've heard I should pray and meditate
at least an hour every day
Windowshopping puts me in a trance
and leads me along my way
To be enlightened above the earth
To cleanse the aura of my soul
I just need to visualize
what to buy from the store window

What would Buddah think
What would Christ say
Instead of worshipping in church
The Mall is where I spend Sunday
So while others reach to a higher power
attaining New Life, Heaven and Nirvana
I'll just grab a diet cola
Walk the Mall, and windowshop ...

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