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What Does It Take

For the first few days
you were far from my mind
When I went to other places
I didn't even look at other guys
Now I realize I am missing you
And I hope you're missing her so much
it makes you cry

I hope you have a terrible
heartache inside
I hope you call her every night
and she begs you to come home
I hope you long for her every night
and you just want to go home
And I pray to God, you are really crying
Thats the way I am over you

Knowing you, you don't care
Knowing you, you don't give a damn
You haven't thought of me once since you left
You won't think of me if you come back
I know I won't even enter your mind

You'll get off the plane
And run to her
While I'm at home
Waiting for your call

What does it take to be yours
It just takes you, to be mine
What will it take
to make you come home to me
and not back home to her

While you're away
I hope you are really crying
While you're away
I hope you are really hurting
If you come back to me
you'll never cry
Because I know what its like
to cry and hurt over you

Copyright Donna Grayson

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