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The Guys

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Its a rainy Sunday afternoon
so I call my friend up on the phone
I say lets go down to the local bookstore
Its to dreary to stay home alone
She says that sounds pretty boring
Going to read books - explain why
I tell her I couldn't care less about reading books
Just want to sip coffee and check out the guys
Checking out the guys in the bookstore
Bet they all have degrees
In their wool sweaters and glasses
And in their tight blue jeans
I wanna check out the guys

Working hard, all day long
Handsome businessmen in their suits
The elevator to the 30th floor
Its a great place to exchange long looks
Coworkers in the airconditioned office
Ask what do you on the weekends this summertime
Hey, I hit the beach with the suntan lotion
Drink and ice cold bear and check out the guys
Checking out the guys, those bicep muscles
As they play beach volleyball
In their little speedos
and the tans over all
Checking out the guys

Hey, there's a big rock concert
At the amphitheatre, lets catch the scene
Everyone wants to see the heavy metal star
I can't care less, and you know what I mean
Even though the music is great
We're dancing and singing - thats no lie
I couldn't care less about the show
I'm rocking out and checking out the guys
Those faded blue jeans
The long hair and ponytails
Those tie-dyed t-shirts
As the rock band wails
I'm checking out the guys

Let go to the grocery store
check out the guys in the produce aisle
Go to church on Sunday
To check out the guys with their bibles
Lets go to the laundromat
check out the guys washing laundry
Its off to the record store
to check out the guys buying CDs
At the computer store
we can check out all the cute geeks
Just go for a car ride
and check the guys driving down the street
Off to the autorepair
check out the guys fixing cars
Lets go grab a cocktail
and check out the guys at the bar
Time to check out the guys

Checking Out the Guys Song Lyric copyright Donna Grayson and Dan Orias.

Poem version copyright Donna Grayson

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