Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1974 to 1977
High School



Teenage Sensation

Mommy's crying
cause she found me
with a finger in the wrong place
Daddy's yelling
cause he found the soda pop
I laced

Its the teenage sensation
whatever turns you on
The teenage sensation
You can never go wrong

Take all the aspirin
in the medicine chest
Go ahead and eat
a bar of Zest
a tube of Crest
You'll get that teenage sensation

Put Noxema all over you bod
Roll in newly layed sod
Run as fast as a hot rod
Crawl up a tree
Say - Hey look at me
I'm a Teenage Sensation

Smoke all sorts of pills
to get rid of my ills
And swallow marajana
I'll do whatever I wanna
I'm a Teenage Sensation

Its whatever
gets me by

Copyright Donna Grayson

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