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Stab Me in the Back

Stab me in the back
with your golden words
Manipulate my life
leave me bloody and hurt
You're not absorbing what you read
You don't practice what you believe

How can what you do be so wrong
When the things you believe are so right
How can your actions be so dark
When your spirit contains the one true light

You critize lovers just because they go to bed
While you smash your sister over the head
The truth is so easily in your reach
Yet you don't practice what you preach

Hold me back with ropes made from your rules
Acting like a child still in school
Quench my desire to go ahead and lead
While you don't follow what you preach

Roll your eyes at the music in my heart
You gossiped about me from the very start
Its so obvious that you are deceived
You don't do what you say you believe

Copyright Donna Grayson

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