Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1975 to 1976
Junior Year - High School



Shopping Mall

On the way to the Shopping Mall
I pass the auto repair shop
I see girls who are in about fifth grade
Skipping stones, self-made
in a large puddle
with some broken cement
I want to yell out
Can't you see
Watch out
or you'll end up like me

Walking through the Shopping mall
Parking Lot
I know the lives of the people I spot
A woman in a broken down car
Her dreams didn't get her very far
I want to yell out
It shouldn't be
She shouldn't have
had to end up like me

In the expensive stores
people in a daze, forlorn
Their dreams never came
With me its the same
Living a life
of broken cement

Copyright Donna Grayson

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