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Shoe Salesman

Okay, funny story....I went on my first real date in my senior year. I met the guy when he was a shoe salesman at our shopping mall. As we were having dinner, I started talking about my high school. He had thought I was in college. He got kind of a funny look on his face, then took me home very early. It was years later when I finally realized the poor guy had no idea I was only in high school, and that funny look on his face was shock when he realized I wasn't college aged. No, I never saw him again. I always felt bad for him spending his hard earned cash on a girl that was way to young for him.

I did not know
that a shoe salesman
could sell more than shoes
And if I had known
I would have bought this wonderful feeling anyway
along with the white sandles
But I think I knew before I walked in

You didn't remember me
from the last time
Your arm was around me anyway
and I remembered

How strange I felt
I was dressed all wrong
and rushing on my lunch break
I must look horrible

But somehow we managed
I'm glad you were so friendly
For once I felt fantastic

I did not know
a shoe salesman gave away gifts
like a first date
and a first kiss
I was so nervous
and you were so nice

But like a dream
you disappeared
Theres a message all over
our entire world
for you to find me again
If you don't
I will walk barefoot
for the rest of my life

Copyright Donna Grayson

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