Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1976 to 1977
Senior Year - High School




One of my cats
lays on the book
I am doing my homework from
and goes to sleep
I don't have the heart
to move her

the tabby
to tough one on the block
the war hero
with his war injuries
"Old Wounded Knee" cat
Kitty is the king on the neighborhood

The tomcat
who comes to the back door
for milk and food
He's always battered up
comstantly limping
from the fights with the other cats
He needs such love
because he's a looser

Big blue-eyed siamese
You're so pretty
You could win a contest
if we entered you
Independant, Individual
You do your own thing
even if it is knocking over a lamp

named after the servant I played
in Romeo and Juliet
But she's more of a peter-cotton-tail
even though she's a mixed cat
She's got bunny fur
and just lays there, a lazy bone

Tiny, the baby
the cross-eyed
bow-legged, pigeoned toed
completely stupid

my big dog
almost a pig
He watches the house
with his fly bitten ears
and eats the medicine
we put on them
So loyal and beautiful

the little cockapoo
worth knowing
jumps on your lap
and licks your face
and leaves and comes back for more

Eight gerbils in a cage
squeeking every now and then
to let you know
they are still there

A lone hamster
spins round on his wheel

Copyright Donna Grayson

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