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Open Your Heart

The door is locked, are you not home?
Are you pretending you are not inside?
I want to find out if you're alone
Crack open the door, and get a peak inside

Open your heart, let me see the real you
Open your heart, let me see inside of you
Open your heart, and you will know
that I'm in love with you

Your eyes are shut, why don't you try to see?
Don't you know I can read you like a book?
I know you're lost in your own misery
Turn on the light so I can take a look

I can wipe away the tears
You've held on to all these years
Don't you know you're a butterfly
Come out of your cacoon and fly

My mind is closed, don't want anyone else
You're the only heart I want to win
I can't even think of anyone else
Open your heart and let me in

Copyright Donna Grayson

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