Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1974 to 1977
High School



One Million Years and One Day

Did you really think I'd kill myself?
That I needed someone other than myself?
Did you really think I want to die?
Well, yes, but I am to afraid to try
I thought it would hurt
to treat myself like dirt
Because everyone else already has
I'm the only friend I ever had

So, you didn't think I'd kill myself
Have you ever thought of anyone other than yourself?
How about the little girl in the spring play?
Who has to talk death because theres nothing else to say
Did you ever think of her
The one who called her classmate "Sir"
What about the little girl
Whose head and heart spun in a whirl
Alot of people laughed, thinking she was sly
They had it wrong, she was painfully shy

So you never thought of me, the little girl
I never understood this world
Don't try to convince me that you did
I'm no longer a little kid
I'm no longer a little girl
I will soon move out in the world
And don't you think I will kill myself
Because I belong to myself
I don't have to make up stories
for something interesting to say
I'm moving forward, I'll be a leader
for a million years and a day

Copyright Donna Grayson

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