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Mr. Automechanic

This was changed to a song lyric and music put to it.
But it did not make it on to my CD.

This morning it was the thing
every woman dreads and fears
to hear a really strange noise
starting up my automobile
I bought the car 'cause it was pretty
didn't think about the engine
Don't know mechanical things
like breaks, stearing and transmissions
Off to the repair shop
I put the key in the ignition
Mr Automechanic
why do you rip off all the women?

Now my boyfriend knows every
little detail about his car
The belts, the gears, the pc valve
transaxles and carberator
He never ever worries
if his car will not start
'Cause when he takes it in
he's a guy, so they don't rip him off
Mr. Automechanic remember
as you look into my engine
Bad Karma's gonna get you
if you rip off any women

My car had alittle leak
I was told to buy a whole new engine
The breaks made alittle squeek
I needed a new stearing and suspension
A little puddle of water
and it was a whole new radiator
Well, those Automechanics will get
their Bad Karma sooner or later

Four tires, shocks and struts
It all costs so much
The axel and the boots are bad
No way to tell if I've been had
At the repair shop, I just pray
"Please be fair to me"
Mr. Automechanic,
whatever happened to honesty

If you go to the doctor
they have malpractice insurance
But if the car is smoking
there is no assurance
that the mechanic working on your car
will be honest and upfront
You'll never know if what he says is true
as you pay your last buck

Mr. Automechanic
remember as you rebuild my transmission
Bad Karmas gonna get you
if you rip off any women

Poem version copyright Donna Grayson

Song Version copyright Donna Grayson and Dan Orias

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