Donna Grayson
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Morning Sun

Morning Sun, brighter than any other sun
brighter at this time of day
more than any other time of day

Its like being burned up
like falling into the sun
falling into a hot
morning sun

The first thing you see
when rising
The briliant morning sun

You hold the morning sun
like a burning candle
You hold my heart in your hands
And like the morning sun
sometimes you hide behind a cloud
Or look down on me
burning bright

Why do you want to be like the morning sun?

Whats a Morning sun?
Something to be blinded by
Something to get burned by

Why can you be an evening star?
Twinkle back at me
through the darkness
Shooting right in front of me
when I make a wish
on my evening star

But you'd rather be
a hot Morning Sun

Copyright Donna Grayson

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