Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1975 to 1976
Junior Year - High School




My teacher looked at me and tried to smile
She said "I hope you can wait alittle while
I left his address at home, thats a few miles"
The next day
"Here it is, I hope its worth your while"

And I thought
Its got to get better
I'm sure it will
after I mail this letter
But maybe, not ever
I still mailed it
In such hot and humid weather

The hot sun beating down
Except for a passing car
there is no sound
My mind is spinning around
I am praying
I'm not acting out of bounds

Yes, I mailed it
trying to play calm and cool
Then I turned and ran
back to my high school
In the cafeteria
so dark and so cool
I drank a soda
I knew I was a fool

I waited and prayed and dreamed
Didn't tell anyone
they'd be to mean
When you visited
my soul beamed
You turned and walked right out
Shattering all my dreams

Well then I started to cry
All the others asked me why
I told them about our good-bye
They couldn't believe and asked why

For the millionth time I played the fool
I thought I'd learn about life
in high school
People putting me down
It got so bad
I couldn't stick around

As I look back
I know it was what others lacked
never following their hearts
they were the real fools
They still have it all
But I lost what I learned in high school

Copyright Donna Grayson

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