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Its All Lies

Theres cigarette smell in your hair
You're talking real fast, and its all hot air
You won't let me catch your eyes
So I'll just assume its all lies

I just want to know where you've been
All I know is it wasn't with me
I just want to know who you've seen
Do you love her as much, as you say you love me ?

Theres tequila on your breath
You're trying to hard to straighten up this mess
You won't admit to the things I know
The guilt in your eyes really shows

You used to bring me flowers
You used to hold me close
We used to talk for hours
But our life together has come to a close

Receipts in your pocket, from I don't know where
Gifts given to a women for who you must care
You won't admit what shows in your eyes
So I'll just assume, its all lies

Copyright Donna Grayson

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