Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1975 to 1976
Junior Year - High School



I Should Write

I should write
to tell you of true love
But how can I tell of true love
when I
have never experienced love
when I
have never held a man
have never kissed a man
when I
have told a man
how I felt
just to be scoffed at
at disillusioned
by him

I could write
to tell you of crushes
of infatuations
and of course, of heartbreak
yes, so much heartbreak

I could tell of heartbreak
and I could cry
and you could cry
But that would not do
for my heartbreaks
are best forgotten
at the moment
so I may worry about a new
And worry about this man
whom I might never kiss
whom I might never hold
whom I might tell my feelings to
maybe to be scoffed at
maybe to be disillusioned
just like in my past

Yes, I will write of him
whom I see every moment in my mind
whom I touch for a millionth of a second
in my mind
and who I kiss in my dreams
but who I am to afraid to hold
knowing he will back away

But he, whom I tell my deepest thoughts to
For days he is my mind and in my heart
He, who is my minds only thought
in my heart
he is my new hope

Copyright Donna Grayson

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