Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1975 to 1976
Junior Year - High School



I'm Running Standing

This poem, is the beginning of the song on my CD "Running Standing" You can view the finished lyric, and listen to the Real Audio on my CD lyrics page. Or you can listen to the MP3 on my MP3 page.

I'll sing to you songs that haven't been written
I'll shed tears we haven't yet cried
We can walk where there are no walkways
I'll show you our graves
and we haven't yet died
I'm Running Standing
Running into the sunshine of night
Holding the heaviness of something light
I show you white rainbows
I'll teach you things no other human knows
I'm Running Standing
Running into your arms when your not here
Holding you when you're not even near
I'm Running Standing

I'll tell you stories you never could have heard of
I'll make your make-believe become real
I'll cast bright white light on your shadows
And make the wounds of your soul heal
I'll take you flying in the ocean
for a swim in the sky
For once on this earth
I want to make "ours' out of "my"
I'm Running Standing
But what does it matter
I'm Running Standing

I've never heard a color
that couldn't be mixed
I've never seen a hurt
that couldn't be fixed
So hold my mind
and we'll go flying in the ocean
for a swim in the sky
We can last as people
Brother and Sister you and I

I'll write songs never before written
I'll make a new color never before seen
We'll share things never before shared
And I'll make a new world out of my dreams

Running Standing (Poem Version) Copyright Donna Grayson

Running Standing (Song Version - Lyrics and Music)
Copyright Donna Grayson and Josh Toering

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