Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1974 to 1977
High School



I'm Leaving

Blasting off from Never, Never Land
If I'm lucky, I'll find the perfect place to land
No more war
It must be far

I'll be the only one known
to have lived on Earth
Unfortunately, the place of my birth
I'm leaving to find out
what my existance is worth

I'm an astronaut, I'll tell them
and I'll lie
Tell them the rest of Earth has died
Because I don't want to be sent back

I'm leaving Earth to find myself
To find a place to live
where people don't hate to give
And they they care if you die
And if you cry
And if you try to kill yourself
Even if they don't know you
they'd use all their money
Just to make sure you live
They care
No matter where you came from
Even if it is from Earth

A better planet
without disease
let me find it please
And let me live there
with my new friends
Until the mighty universe

Copyright Donna Grayson

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