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I Love My Dog
Dedicated to Diamond, wherever you are

I've spent my whole life looking
for a man who would be loyal and true
Someone who would love me
no matter what I do
A man who would be there for me
day and night without fail
What I've come to realize
True love has four legs and a tail

Well, I've had many romances
Some I'll regret my whole life
But I've never lived with
a dog I didn't like

I've always wanted someone who'd
love me when all others turn away
Someone to follow by my side
every week, every day
Someone to be taken care of
and give my whole heart
The only thing my dog asks in return
is that I walk him in the park

Yes, when we go for a walk
I have to pick up after him
But I'd rather scoop up a dogs poop
than deal with some guys shit

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