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I Hate the Valley

My Hyndai is leaking liquid
all over the parking lot
I need to find some fast food
before my blood sugar drops
In this sweltering heat I just hope
that this damn car will start
So I can get to the meeting I need to get to

I hate the Valley
Why do these cars cut me off
Why do pedestrians get in the way
I hate driving over the hill
I have driving the 405 freeway
I've got to get back to the South Bay

I wish I hadn't worn
this heavy polyester suit
I shouldn't have to work with
people who don't tell me the truth
Its not fair that I sit and sweat
In this fast food booth
While other sip margaritas on Hermosa Pier

I hate the Valley
Where is the cool ocean breeze
Where is the South 405 freeway
So I can leave the Valley
And get back to the South Bay

Copyright Donna Grayson

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