Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1975 to 1976
Junior Year - High School



High School Years

The little child I was
never knowing the bad
that went on
Believing in Santa and wishes come true
Using the props in my life
as if they made up the whole play
without any scenery
Thinking I could make it
in a world of wiser people
made up with jellies of dispisement
and in a way
some envy
for the little girl
Never growing up, never stopping
I was that girl

Starting to grow up
it doesn't hurt that much
after all
I hardley even feel it
but I am scared
I know it will soon start
to hurt
For I'm running away with Shakespeare
We'll be married by a psychiatrist
in front of student council
I'll say my I Do's
But I won't win
I'll be laughed at instead
and chicken out of the pom-pom march

Preparing for a time
not yet existing
Nervous knot of hope
around my heart
Trembling hands
Tearful eyes
I wish to get rid of all the bad
that corrupts my life

Trying so hard in my mind
but not in my life
Giving up
and falling into
dropping out

I recovered at night
and I lived
For I left to be myself
I left to live
I left for forever
Now I live for forever
I left to be me
I left to be my dream

Copyright Donna Grayson

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