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Explain Away

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I'm younger than you, but I feel so much older
I can see the dove that sits on your shoulder
Don't hinder your flight with questions of why
The dove waits for its chance to fly
Let it go

You can't explain away the universal commotion
That has given me my emotions
You can't explain away the flowers or the trees
And you will never be able to explain away
How much you mean to me

I'm following you, please let yourself be lead
I can see the brilliant star up over your head
Don't turn off the light with shadows of doubt
Your spirit glows, let your feelings out
Let them go

I have a fire in my soul, there is in your eyes a spark
I can hear the flames that sing deep within your heart
Don't put out the fire with your waves of pain
Its time to feel the heat again
Let it burn

Song Lyric version copyright Donna Grayson and Josh Toering

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