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Every muscle in my body aches
My eyelids are heavy and tired
Been drinking coffee all day
But I'm nowhere near wired
I'm completely zapped and exhausted
Been in meetings all day
Didn't close any deals
Just got a big headache

If this were the 50's
I'd be a stay at home Mom
But we live in the present
Always worry about where the money comes from
Go our seperate ways to work each day
I hang out with the girls at lunch
You picture on my desk
how I miss you so much

You won't admit it
You're the one who keeps the home
Pick up the kids at daycare
Dinners ready when I get home
You've worked hard
all day just like me
But its because you care so much
That I keep my sanity

You're the one I get my energy from
Your what I can't wait to see
when my working day is done
Thoughts of you
give me energy all the day through
I just dream of when I can come home
and cuddle next to you
I get my energy from you

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