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Only when I stop telling lies
will there be clean air to breath
Only when I end the hate in my heart
will there be no more trash in the street
Only when I reach up to a star
and grab ahold of my dreams
Thats when the Earth extends afar
Thats true ecology

Only when I give from my soul
will the rivers all run clear
Only when I create from myself
will there be sweet sparrows to hear
Only when I turn the other cheek
and stop my jealousy
Thats when the air is sweet again
Thats true ecology

Only if we stop causing pain
will the sky turn back to blue
Only when we practice love
with the stars shine on me and you
And when we speak the truth
with no hypocrisy
Thats how we will heal the Earth
Thats true ecology

Pollution comes
straight from the heart
Pollution is
ignorance right from the start
We can't clean
the ground that we walk
Until we clean up
whats in our heart

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