Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1973 to 1974
Freshman Year - High School



Dumb Freshman

Last year you were at the top of the ladder
You thought you had it made
Everyone looked up to you
Because you were in eighth grade
You were the oldest in your whole school
Little kids thought you were great
The teachers didn't yell at you
Even for running late

But now you're only a dumb freshman
You get in everyones way
"Hey do you know the school song?"
is all anyone can say
When they ask you what year you are
You always want to lie
By the end of the year, everythings gone wrong
You feel like your gonna cry

But don't go crying over your freshman year
Because it will go by fast
Just remember out of all the other years
The dumb frosh won't be the last
And when this year is finally over
You'll want to live it again
The fun you had, the tears you shed
They were more than for being
just a dumb freshman

Copyright Donna Grayson

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