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I try to set myself some goals
Why I fail God only knows
The things I need to complete and do
I never seem to follow through
It just ain't easy
There's so much to do in this life
Important things I just won't
Finish what I started
Maybe I will, maybe I won't

I think if I would win the lottery
Life would happen so easily
But I have to admit the truth, to win
I have to develope discipline

As I face another mountain to climb
I wonder if I will make it this time
For the burden that I must face
What do I need to do to win this race
It ain't easy
The strength to keep from a fall
The courage to go and complete it all
What to I have to do
to complete this task and make it through
It ain't easy

I pray that God would just shower me
But a Santa Claus is not what I need
Deep inside, I know to win
I have to develope discipline

If I would spend more time alone
Not at parties at friends homes
If I would just work on me
Not at the movies or watching TV
It ain't easy
I need to go deep within
Spend some time on discipline
Discipline feels like torture
But I'm reaching my goals, building my future
It ain't easy

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