Donna Grayson
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Poems from 1978 to 1988




At the public library
you read the book over my shoulder
A whisper in my ear
every so often
The source of all knowledge
is with me in the library

At a rock concert
Do I hear you hum along
just as I do ?
I can hear you snap your fingers
You are the melody of all songs

When I go to the beach
and smother myself with suntan lotion
You make the sun shine bright
And send a cool ocean breeze
You manage to warn me about getting a sunburn
(I regret I didn't listen)

At the supermarket
after I clip coupons
At the shopping mall
where I hunt for sales
You remind me you take care of the sparrow
and you take care of me
You even found me a parking space

You paid the price long ago

When I need to be alone
I am alone
even though you are closer than my breath
I am alone
and never lonely

Oh, the capabilities of God !

Copyright Donna Grayson

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