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Broken Trust

It was one of those days where the rain just fell
Don't understand - I thought I knew you so well
Why did you do what you had to do ?
You were the only man I told all my secrets to

The time was autumn when I fell in love
It wasn't the dream I thought it was
Why did you go, why were you untrue ?
Taking my heart, and my secrets with you

Time heals all wounds, so I've heard
But you've poured salt in my cuts
Time goes on, so I've learned
And nothing hurts more than a broken trust

It was one of those things, you didn't need to know
Why did I feel I could let my faults show ?
I thought it was all safe to talk about
But you had to go and let my secrets out

Blinded my desire, blinded by lust
I couldn't see you weren't worthy of trust
Why did you have to be so untrue?
You're the only man I ever told all my secrets to

Can I forgive someone I loved who has betrayed me ?
Can I ever be healed from this pain?
Looking back, I was so wrong to trust you
Looking forward, I want to love again

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