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You started out with the best intentions
Didn't know it would be a cruel lesson
Started out with hopes and dreams
No one lives the life they thought it would be
Now you feel trapped, in slavery

A bitter heart steals more than you know
A bitter heart drains the blessings from your soul
You have to let your bitterness go
Let your bitterness go

You ended up paralyzed in life
Never thought it would go alright
Looking back on how it came about
Wondering why you always have to do without
Now you feel trapped, you feel left out

Don't feed the hunger of your bitterness
You'll learn a valuable lesson from experience
Don't let a bitter heart eat away at you
Its not over, and your lifes not through
There's no telling what you can do

You need to keep looking forward and above
Keep filling up your time with acts of love
Don't look back at the times that bring you down
Before you know it, it will turn around
You'll be free
as it was meant to be

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