Donna Grayson
Poetry and Lyrics

1976 to 1977
Senior Year - High School




After all my self-brought on tears
useless wants, wonderings and fears
are forever gone
And my brightest sun finally does dawn
After I stop listening to people and say
"I'm not afraid to do it my way"
And don't let my sky fall down
or my world spin around
And don't just sit
And do more than my bit
After I decide of my own free will
not to succumb to un-sureness, my ill
And stand up tall
And never fall
After I can call myself my own
And when its said, not hear a single moan
Yet still be part of the crowd
without my personality being pulled down
After I find myself, thats before I find a special one
And not worry about the right way to have fun
After I and everyone loves the real me
And its not a carbon copy we see
After wonderings, fears and useless wants are gone
And I don't cry over little suns that never dawned
And no more tears have been self-brought
We'll all realize I am not as dumb as we thought

Copyright Donna Grayson

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