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Meet Prince Charming (1999)

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Meet Prince Charming" has some some serious echoes of 1998's "You've Got Mail", but on it's own is a light, funny, sweet (but sometimes downright) and stupid romp. David Charvet and Tia Carrere play feuding neighbors who hate each other in public, but they are unwittingly in love when they start chatting online. Soon after, they start being friendly to each other. This otherwise predictable romantic comedy takes a surprising twist and has a few comic bits--but still, the two main characters end up happily ever after... as the title would suggest. Although not as good (or as witty) like "You've Got Mail", the actors deliver their lines with low-key zest, the result is a light, fluffy--but ultimately forgettable--romantic comedy that's most likely to appeal to lovers of chick flicks... while other demanding viewers will most likely be disappointed
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