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Stars on Set

Stars on Set: Stolen Moments
by Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Marc Brincourt, Guillaume Clavieres

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If you are interested about movies than you should buy "Stars on Set" and discover the stolen moments. Everyone will find it so amazing to see stars in another perspective. Fantastic photos of famous celebrities.
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Their First Time

Their First Time in the Movies (With DVD & VHS)
by Les Krantz

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This is a unique package for movie lovers--a handsome 160-page hardcover book with over 300 rare photographs--plus a 60 minute documentary with over 30 rare movie clips on both DVD and VHS video. This book / DVD / video package will excite anyone who loves movies and movie stars. By day he was a Memphis truck driver who hated his job and aspired to become an electrical repairman. But young Elvis Presley had another dream, and in 1954 he stepped into the studio at Sun Records to say goodbye to driving trucks forever. Within two years, he was not only a recording star but a film star as well. The King was born. When he arrived in Hollywood from his home in Missouri determined to make it, he found work at a Mexican restaurant wearing a chicken costume. But when Brad Pitt landed his first acting gig in Dallas it was in the role of the boyfriend of Priscilla Presley's on-screen daughter. The road to stardom is filled with odd detours and some spectacular potholes. Their First Time in the Movies charts that crazy journey and the moment, the very edge of stardom, when some of our best-loved stars began to glimmer. We all know the Marilyn Monroe of Some Like it Hot and the Clark Gable of Gone with the Wind. Everyone remembers Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But before they were stars they were hopefuls with talent, determination, and often an uncanny gift for following their illustrious destinies. Now, for the first time ever, the first performances—in the movies—of over 30 top stars are collected on one video tape, complemented by a beautifully designed book that tells the stories of these stars, and 70 others, on their way to the top. It is a remarkable showcase of the raw talent that made our top entertainers the enduring stars they are.
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Movie Crazy Fans and Stars

Movie Crazy: Fans, Stars, and the Cult of Celebrity
by Samantha Barbas

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This neatly presented (though not very thorough) work explores how movie fans sought to understand, control and participate in U.S. films from 1900 to 1950. Barbas, a teacher at Arizona State's interdisciplinary studies program, uses distinctive examples and film fan archives to prove that "[t]he story of film fandom, in large part, is the story of the way that fans refused to accept mass culture passively and, instead, became actively involved in their entertainment." She cites some well-known themes, among them the lure of going to Hollywood to be an actress and the desire to know the person presented on-screen an emotion that evolved into star adulation. More interesting are the often unexamined intricacies of the movie fan world, such as the variations among budding movie fan magazines and movie fan club activities like boosting (doing everything one could to publicize a star). Also captivating are the familiar ideas rendered originally, such as the rise of film-related consumerism, which was the film industry's attempt to get "movie-struck girls" to transform their cinematic ambitions into vicarious participation in the Hollywood dream. Throughout, Barbas offers specific examples (on Gable, Crawford and others) and tidy presentations of facts and figures (on fan letters and movie attendance, particularly) in a modest prose style. Esspecially, for those unfamiliar with early film history, this is a useful survey of fandom
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Pets and Their Celebrities

Pets and Their Celebrities
by Christopher Ameruoso, John Travolta, Chris Ameruoso (Photographer)

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I originally came up with the concept for this book in December 1998. Yes, I know what you are saying, "that's a long time." I have had people tell me that they have produced and filmed motion pictures in the time I have taken to produce this book. My response, "Well, in a movie you have only to deal with two or three celebrities wandering around with their pets." I can also feel the love and see a different side of each person. So, what I wanted to do was to photograph everyone in black and white at home in a very comfortable environment. I wanted to capture the love and true bond between the person and the animal. --Christopher Ameruoso, author
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Texas High School Hotshots

Texas High School Hotshots: The Stars Before They Were Stars
by Alan Burton

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Texas High School Hotshots: The Stars Before They Were Stars is a one-of-a-kind book that offers an entertaining look back at the younger years of more than 200 celebrities who attended high school in Texas. Stars from the fields of sports, music, politics, television, and movies are profiled through words and photographs. Featured are such celebrities as Willie Nelson, Lance Armstrong, Ross Perot, Matthew McConaughey, Dan Rather, Morgan Fairchild, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Tracy Byrd, Lee Ann Womack, Michael Johnson, Don Meredith, Sandra Day O’Conner, Sissy Spacek, Tom Landry, Patrick Swayze, and Farrah Fawcett, to name a few. Especially interesting are the high school yearbook photographs of the "stars before they were stars." In addition, quotes and trivia lists add to the enjoyment of this unique collection.
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Cribs Guided Tours

Cribs : A Guided Tour Inside the Homes of Your Favorite Stars
by M.M. Nathan (Author)

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Now you can see how the other half lives -- and get expert design tips to boot! Step inside the private domiciles of Destiny's Child, Tommy Lee, Ice-T, Mariah Carey, Moby, Snoop Dogg, Boy George, Master P, Missy Elliott, Nelly, Usher, Lil' Romeo, Pamela Anderson, O-Town, Rob Zombie, Joey McIntyre ...and other luminaries in this revealing companion book to MTV's hit show Cribs. This exclusive behind-the-scenes tour takes you through the English estates, glam-rock living rooms, chic L.A. bungalows, Manhattan lofts, gothic mansions, French country bedrooms, playrooms, hideaways, and hangouts of the rich and famous. MTV's Cribs calls on architects and interior decorators to re-create their spaces on a less-than-celebrity-size budget. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can make a style statement or surround yourself in faux fabulousness -- when you get "home-schooled" by MTV's Cribs!
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