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Roger Ebert Great Movies

The Great Movies
by Roger Ebert

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If Pauline Kael popularized movie love, Roger Ebert is the eloquent Valentino of cinephiles. This invaluable volume gathers 100 of the Pulitzer winner's mini-essays composed since 1997, revised and updated, to form a love letter that could only spring from decades of devotion. A feat of superlative analysis, historical reflection, personal diary, and journalistic odyssey, The Great Movies combines an accessible style with an academicís precision. Accompanied by photos perfectly chosen by Museum of Modern Art film stills archivist Mary Corliss, the 100 films are irrefutably worthy of inclusion, allowing room for debate (John Fordís My Darling Clementine is in, The Searchers is not--arguably a wise decision) while placing each film into its own undeniable context of superiority. Admirably, Ebert recognizes that no critic writes in a vacuum; he dedicates the book to eight master critics hailed as ďteachers,Ē quotes many of his contemporaries, and carries on the debate with Kaelís lingering spirit (Ebert counters her on Body Heat, praises her on Nashville). His appreciation of E.T. is written as a letter to beloved children in his life, and the entire book breathes with an awareness of legacy--the cinemaís and Ebertís own--that underlies the sobering theme of his introduction. We need these movies (and this book) to remind us that movies can be so much better than they typically are.
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Halliwells Whos Who in Movies

Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies, 14th Edition : The 14th Edition of the Bestselling Encyclopedia of Film Actors, Directors, Producers and Writers
by Leslie Halliwell (Author)

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Now in its 14th edition, this classic movie reference, formerly known as The Filmgoer's Companion, has informed and delighted film fans for more than 30 years. Opinionated, witty, and packed with more information per square inch than any other film guide, Halliwell's Who's Who in the Movies is as wonderfully unclassifiable as it is impossible to put down.
Who's Who remains a treasure trove of information on who's who and what's what in the movies. Its more than 11,000 entries illuminate the stars of yesterday and today, as well as the bit players and character actors, directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, composers, and all the other talent involved in making movies. You'll find sections on movie sequels, series, and remakes; themes and genres; technical terms; studios and production companies; cinema around the world; year-by-year listings of Oscar winners and other major awards; a brief history of the movies from their beginnings until today; and much more.
This thoroughly revised and updated edition features hundreds of new entries, and once again spices up the proceedings with scores of "quotable quotes," ranging from the revealing to the revolting, which, in addition to being exceedingly entertaining, add a human dimension missing from every other guide to the facts and figures. Upholding the outstanding tradition of Leslie Halliwell, editor John Walker delivers the lively humor and keen insight that have always been the hallmarks of Halliwell's.
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Reel Views Guide to DVD and Videos

Reelviews: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Modern Movies on Dvd and Video
by James Berardinelli

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Release date August 2003
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Videohound Golden Movie Retriever 2003

Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever 2003: The Complete Guide to Movies on Videocassette and Dvd (Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever, 2003)
by Jim Craddock (Editor)

Available At

it is all here. Foreign films, samurai, westerns, 50's sci-fi, art films, you name it. And it has a categories index so you can quickly locate all the films in your personal favorite type of film. This book is huge! No other guide I have seen tries to include every film ever made, the other review books snobbily skip the movies they decide are not important. Not this book, it has over 25,000 films!!! This is very comprehensive, which makes this book much bigger than the other guys guides. But that is OK, I hate the other reviewers guides since they do not have all the movies this one does. Very easy to use and locate a film quickly. You can cross reference anything with the great index and layout of this guide. Indexes to look up films by director, writer, composer, cinematographer, or actor, awards, series, as well as title or alternate titles. Even has an internet guide.
-from Amazon.com website

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