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The Passion of the Christ (2004) Movie Showtimes
Starring: James Caviezel, Monica Bellucci
Director: Mel Gibson
Opening Date: February 25, 2004 Movie Showtimes

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The Passion by Mel Gibson, Tyndale House Publishers - Book
Hardcover Book about Mel Gibson's The Passion - Release date February 2004 Books

The Passion of the Christ (Score) [SOUNDTRACK]
The motion picture soundtrack and score for Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ. .......... Hollywood gifts!

The Films of Mel Gibson by John McCarty (Book)
Packed with hundreds of photos, fascinating behind-the-scenes information, reviews, and cast and credit listings, The Films of Mel Gibson is the book thousands of fans have been eagerly awaiting. This pictorial celebration explores Gibson's film career as an actor and director--from the seminal Road Warrior series and hugely successful Lethal Weapon series, to Hamlet, Maverick, and Ransom. Photos throughout, many in color. Books

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Mel Gibson 2004 Calendar by Streehassle
Imported poster size (12 x 17) calendar. 12 great shots. Books

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Signs (Vista Series) (2002)
This B movie with noble aspirations is the work of a gifted filmmaker whose storytelling falls short of his considerable stylistic flair. While addressing crises of faith in the framework of an alien-invasion thriller, M. Night Shyamalan (in his follow-up to The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable) favors atmospheric tension over explanatory plotting. He injects subtle humor into expertly spooky scenes, but the story suffers from too many lapses in logic. The film's faults are greatly compensated by the performance of Mel Gibson as a widower whose own crisis of faith coincides with the appearance of mysterious crop circles in his Pennsylvania cornfield... and hundreds of UFOs around the globe. With his brother (Joaquin Phoenix) and two young children (Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin), the lapsed minister perceives this phenomenal occurrence as a series of signs and portents, while Shyamalan pursues a spookfest with War of the Worlds overtones.- Amazon DVDs eToys - Always a Favorite

Mel Gibson New Collection (Conspiracy Theory/Maverick/Forever Young)
Mel Gibson DVDs of Conspiracy Theory Maverick and Forever Young in one collection DVDs

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Lethal Weapon - The Complete Series - DVD Boxed Set
The explosive and edgy Lethal Weapon introduced America to its favorite modern buddy team: Mel Gibson's suicidal firecracker Martin Riggs, a Vietnam vet whose reckless stunts earn him a reputation as the Los Angeles Police Department's least desirable partner, and Danny Glover's aging family man Roger Murtaugh, a veteran detective who wants nothing more than to gracefully live to see his pension. Richard Donner's smash movie is sleek, stylish, and practically nonstop action, but it's the chemistry between the combustible energy of Gibson and the paternal reserve of Glover that makes this combination so lethal. DVDs

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Singing Detective - DVD
This item will be released on March 23, 2004. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. DVDs


Ransom (Special Edition) (1996) - DVD
This item will be released on March 23, 2004.
When it comes to ramping up to vein-bursting levels of tormented anxiety, Mel Gibson has a kind of mainstream intensity that makes him perfect for his heroic-father role in director Ron Howard's child-kidnapping thriller. When you think of Ransom, you automatically think of the scene in which Mel reaches his boiling point and yells, "Give me back my son!" to the kidnapper on the other end of several torturous phone calls. Trapped in the middle of any parent's nightmare, Mel plays a self-made airline mogul whose son (played by Brawley Nolte, son of actor Nick Nolte) is abducted by a close-knit group of uptight kidnappers. But when a king's ransom is demanded for the child's safe return, Mel turns the tables and offers the ransom as reward money for anyone who provides information leading to the kidnappers' arrest. Thus begins a nerve-racking battle of wills and a test of the father's conviction to carry out a plan that could cost his son's life. DVDs

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Hamlet (1991) - DVD
This item will be released on February 24, 2004.
Franco Zeffirelli's stripped-down, two-hour version of Shakespeare's play stars Mel Gibson as a rather robust version of the ambivalent Danish prince. Gibson is much better in the part than many critics have admitted, his powers of clarity doing much to make this particular Hamlet more accessible than several other filmed versions. The supporting cast is outstanding, including Glenn Close as Gertrude, Alan Bates as Claudius, Ian Holm as Polonius, and Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia. Zeffirelli's vigorous direction employs a lively camera style that nicely alters the viewer's preconceptions about the way Hamlet should look. DVDs

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The Man Without a Face (1993) DVD
Making this movie represented a rather risky venture for Mel Gibson--it was his first effort at directing, and the role demanded that he deliberately obscure his sexy matinee-idol looks. Gibson seems to truly relish his Lon Chaney Jr.-esque turn as Justin McLeod, a reclusive former teacher with half his face and body badly scarred, and a dark, secret past. The folks in McLeod's postcard-pretty Maine town have dubbed him "Hamburger Head" and exchange malicious gossip about him. But one boy is needy enough to dare to penetrate the fortress McLeod has built against the outside world. Fatherless Chuck Norstadt (Nick Stahl) is so anxious to escape his dysfunctional family that he pesters McLeod into becoming his mentor. Their relationship for the most part avoids the sort of sticky sentimentality one might expect from Hollywood. Chuck is a real, credible kid, a petulant pain with a chip on his shoulder, and McLeod is no Mr. Chips. It's fun, and quite moving, to watch these two cranky misfits battle their way toward a friendship that will change both their lives. Margaret Whitton (Major League) gives an unaffected performance as Chuck's narcissistic mother. "I'm just not cut out for this mothering racket," she tells her rudderless children, as she flits from man to man. Gibson's own personal code of honor, we suspect, is very much in evidence in this movie's message: One must take responsibility for what one wants in life. DVDs

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