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Dinner Rush (2000)
Cast List : Danny Aiello ... Louis Cropa / Edoardo Ballerini ... Udo Cropa / Vivian Wu ... Nicole / Mike McGlone ... Carmen / Kirk Acevedo ... Duncan / Sandra Bernhard ... Jennifer Freeley / Summer Phoenix ... Marti / Polly Draper ... Natalie Clemente / Jamie Harris ... Sean / Mark Margolis ... Fitzgerald / John Corbett ... Ken /

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Dinner Rush is gourmet cinema, served with a generous helping of culinary panache. After countless commercials, music videos (including Michael Jackson's "Beat It"), and a few obscure features, director and restaurateur Bob Giraldi casts his own New York eatery as a TriBeCa hot spot where the owner (Danny Aiello) presides over a busy night of fine dining and mob entanglements. He's been a bookmaker for 25 years but he's going legit; his son (Edoardo Ballerini) is a nuovo cuisine genius, eager to inherit the business; the sous-chef (Kirk Acevedo) is deeply in debt to mafia thugs; an art-dealer snob (Mark Margolis) is antagonizing his waitress (Summer Phoenix); a charming stranger (John Corbett) harbors a climactic surprise; and a powerful food critic (Sandra Bernhard) is ready to pounce on any wrong move. In perfect control of this bustling environment, Giraldi directs like a great chef cooks: with Altmanesque delicacy, confident that every ingredient is vital to the success of his creation. It's utterly delicious. --Jeff Shannon
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Don't Look Back (1996)
Director: Geoff Murphy

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A drug addict gets more than a quick fix in this made-for-cable thriller. Eric Stoltz stars as Jesse Parish, a musician and druggie who leads a mobster to his old stomping grounds after stealing a case of cash and going on the lam. Oscar-winner Billy Bob Thorton co-stars and co-wrote the script. Bernadette McCallion
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Volcano (1997)
Cast List : Tommy Lee Jones ... Mike Roark / Anne Heche ... Dr. Amy Barnes / Gaby Hoffmann ... Kelly Roark / Don Cheadle ... Emmit Reese / Jacqueline Kim ... Dr. Jaye Calder / Keith David ... Police Lieutenant Ed Fox / John Corbett ... Norman Calder /Director: Mick Jackson

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Get mindless for awhile with this 1997 disaster flick, starring the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles as a funky place for lava to spew, plus Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche as the brave souls who know how to shut off the spout. Director Mick Jackson (The Bodyguard) wastes no time getting to the good stuff--it's happening even before opening credits are over--and neither should anyone in the mood for technical efficiency without the burden of art. --Tom Keogh
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Prancer Returns (2001)
Starring: John Corbett, Gavin Fink Director: Joshua Butler

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Sleigh bells may not ring briskly for this often-somber sequel to the 1989 hit Prancer, but there is plenty to like about its sympathetic characters and wistful storyline. Ten years after the little heroine of Prancer saved a wounded reindeer that might have been a magical member of Santa's flying herd, a friendless boy named Charlie Hooper (Gavin Fink) clandestinely adopts an orphaned buck in the same Michigan town. Convinced that he also has St. Nick's (apparently ever-wandering) Prancer on his hands, Charlie grows determined to lead the deer back to the North Pole. A finely balanced supporting cast (Jack Palance, John Corbett, Michael O'Keefe) brings some interesting textures to this simple tale of redemption and, hey, kids are bound to love the sight of a baby reindeer making himself comfortable in Charlie's bed. Prancer Returns may prove to be a minor holiday classic, worth revisiting every year when the trees grow bare and Christmas is around the corner. --Tom Keogh
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Wedding Bell Blues (1997)
Director: Dana Lustig

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Three women who share a house are all about to turn 30. Tentative, mousy Micki (Julie Warner) has just had her fiancée, Jeff (Joseph Urla), break off their wedding plans because she's not passionate enough for him. Beautiful Tanya (Paulina Porizkova) is pregnant and has lost her job as a sales clerk, but her boyfriend Tom (Richard Edson) isn't ready to marry and raise a child. Jasmine (Illeana Douglas), who loves being single and dating bad boys, is tired of her family's pressure to marry. She proposes that all three get married, notify their families, then divorce. They go to Las Vegas to pursue the scheme. Micki hooks up with a dreamy cowboy, Cary (John Corbett), who instructs her in the art of passion. Tanya lures an older fellow, divorced businessman Oliver (Charles Martin Smith), planning to trick him into thinking that he's responsible for her pregnancy. Jasmine falls for Oliver's younger friend Matt (Jonathan Penner), who turns her on despite being a nice guy. ~ Michael Betzold, All Movie Guide
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